it's all about the yin and the yang of everything we love and the new that we crave

Adams_Insights_Picwith valentine's day approaching it's a good time to think about this yin and yang. as a happily married man, who loves our family stability and traditions, i also ask myself this time of year, is it time to spice things up with a surprise or something new?

in beauty, clients flock to products and treatments that are new ... some estimate new products and services to be as high as 80% of all beauty commerce. of course, whether it is our favorite drugstore makeup remover, or tried and true mascara we depend on, there are also products we  use over and over. there's that yin and yang again.

we do the same balancing in the ab boutiques, making sure that we have your tried and true (our best sellers) and a healthy amount of new for you to sample and try. we have all reacted to easy click purchasing of products, but at our boutiques we have the advantage of being the place you can actually try the product ... smell it, feel it and see if you love it.

right now, we have just launched a brand new website, with mobile friendly online reservations made easier than ever. almost a quarter of ab clients are now enjoying the 24/7 privacy of reserving on line ... buying gift cards on line is a growing trend too, just click and gift. 
so let it snow and click yourself a nice gift without leaving the fireplace. \

there's lots more that's new in the boutique too, just in time for valentine's day, with a wellness focus that just feels right this year.


body wellness

our own spa technologies arnica sports gel ... 6 fl oz., $39 
a cooling analgesic gel that reduces pain from sore, stiff muscles and fluid build up which can add definition to ankles and legs

our own spa technologies arnica analgesic gel ... 6 fl oz., $33 
a light analgesic arnica rich and anti inflammatory essentials oil, to assist in diminishing pain

ionzyme df medi-skin treatment ... $50 - $195 
technology using both iontophoresis and sonophoresis to pass pulsed sound waves into the skin, creating deep vitamin and peptide penetration providing immediately noticeable results

skin wellness

kiehl's butterstick lip treatment with broad spectrum SPF 25 ... 0.14 oz., $20.50 
smoothing lip balm infused with nourishing blend of natural oils and butters ... instantly hydrates and keeps lips moist all day 

ab japanese charcoal glow face mask ... 2.2 oz., $39 
treatment deep cleanses the pores of toxins ... optimizes skin's well being

eminence facial recovery oil ... 0.5 fl oz., $77.50 
organic luxurious facial oil to hydrate, clarify, and tone skin for maximum wellness

natura bisse S.O.S instant rescue intense recovery serum ... 1 fl. oz., $127 
a remedy that instantly restores damaged, sensitive skin ... with soothing active ingredients like hytocutan® (calendula), specifically developed by medical experts for this skin's need ... the serum activates in 3 steps: it soothes, reduces discomfort and strengthens the skin's protective barrier, all at once

hair wellness

oribe power drops hair serum ... 1 fl. oz., $59.50 
3 hair serums to address 3 main hair concerns: damage repair, hydration and color preservation ... packed with nutrients, just a few drops of this elixir will transform wellness of your hair

bumble and bumble sleep damage hair repair mask ... 6.4 oz., $50.50 
an overnight treatment to help reverse the appearance of damaged hair - for swingy, silky {de-stressed} strands by the a.m.

ab perfecter blow dry serum ... 1.7 fl. oz., $26 
a hydrating blow dry serum excellent for repairing dry, damaged, and keratin depleted hair ... reduces blow drying time up to 50% and offers thermal protection