body health

what can be germier than kid’s hands after a trip to the playground?  you might be shocked to hear that it is possibly your own makeup bag!  recently some interesting guidance came my way on this topic and based on the reaction of our ab makeup specialists, we felt it is information you would appreciate.

eye health … in addition to eating your carrots and wearing sun glasses to protect your eye health, your eye makeup can transmit germs and infection.  eyeliner should be replaced every 3 months.  eyeliner pencils as often as every 6 months … don’t forget to sharpen pencils every time to create a clean area for application.  Eye shadow can last 2 to 3 years if kept cool and dry.  cream or liquid shadows can last for 12 months before becoming compromised.  mascara … once opened should be used within 3 months.  airborne bacterial contamination can occur in the cleanest of homes, not to mention other places where you apply your makeup.

face it … clean skin deserves clean makeup.  all makeup powders have an after opening shelf life of 2 to 3 years unless subjected to extreme heat or unsanitary applicators.  so clean and replace your sponges and applicators often to extend the viability of your makeup powders.  foundation and concealer should be fine for 6 to 24 months … once the product is open use it up or replace it ever 6 to 12 months.  look for color change and smell your product to make sure it is clean enough for your skin.

pucker up and smile … and keep smiling by never keeping a lip gloss more than a year, no matter how much you like it.  let’s face it, if you loved it you would have used it up!  lip liner, like eyeliner should be sharpened before every use and replaced about every 6 months.  this all speaks to less being more, an important beauty axiom.  after all, carrying around makeup you no longer use, or should not use, is just plain excessive.  keep it simple, clean and on trend by stopping in for a 5 minute application or consultation more often.  and remember, every woman looks better with just a touch of makeup!  and less truly is more.