it’s your massage and we want it to be one that you love. that’s why we have created our my massage menu. when you check in for your massage you’ll have the option to personalize your service with some complimentary options, as well as some upgrades to enhance your experience. we use hydrating fractionated coconut oil in our massages which will soothe dry areas while improving the health and appearance of your skin. our ab 5 point pressure scale makes it easy to communicate with your therapist and further customize your massage.

the luxurious full body massage you need and all of the attention to comfort you expect at ab, plus the skin benefits of cbd.

60 min · 131

for the active client, the ab sports massage incorporates stretching for range of motion and trigger point therapy, which can help healing and reduce recovery time for improved performance.

75 min · 147


30 min · 30

45 min · 45

a deeply hydrating massage follows a professional body exfoliation, which stimulates cellular turnover and healthier skin. our luxurious body renewal treatment provides deep hydration, while tightening and firming the appearance of your skin with vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotine. feels fantastic and results are immediately visible!

60 min · 142

our signature massage balances both mind and body with rhythmic, swedish technique that is customized for your comfort and needs. mothers-to-be can customize their massage experience with pressure point levels 1 to 3 for the perfect de-stressing massage.

60 min · 105

75 min · 126

90 min · 147

our deep tissue massage raises the bar and takes our pressure scale to a level 5 for those desiring the firmest techniques to alleviate tension and restore flexibility. perfect for athletes and massage connoisseurs.

60 min · 137

75 min · 163

90 min · 189

enjoy the earthy embrace of a full body hot stone massage which will dissolve muscle tension, improve circulation, release toxins and provide you with an overall sense of relaxation and warmth.

75 min · 152

this complete massage starts with you choosing your focus areas, then renders the complete relaxation that results in reduced tension and a feeling of increased well being. a better body and a better state of mind.

50 min · 76

when your feet feel good, you feel good, so jump start your spa experience with the science and art of a deep tissue foot massage. hits the spot!

30 min · 53

stimulate circulation and indulge in a feel good treatment that benefits both hair and scalp.

15 min · 26

facial massage ... skin nourishing botanical oils to enhance your experience, complimentary

dry brush exfoliation ... begin your massage with dry brush exfoliation to increase circulation, complimentary

warm neck wrap ... helps relax the neck and shoulders, complimentary

deep back therapy ... target your aching back with soothing arnica, and warm aromatherapy, 21

herbal relief therapy ... natural arnica enhances your massage, penetrating to relieve overworked or tired muscles, 21

wrist and arm ... relief for your tired arms with targeted massage followed by hot stones and cooling arnica gel, 21

spa blow dry ... reserve a spa blow dry following any spa treatment so your hair feels and looks as good as you do, from 32