well water 2

there’s nothing like a connecticut summer. the simple pleasures …taking the dogs out in the early morning, walking barefoot on the grass, cooking outside and just sitting on the porch….it’s the most relaxed lifestyle of the year, including our beauty and wellness routines.

as usual one of the things on my mind is quality. it’s my main function to monitor, measure and achieve quality, and as many of you know, we strive for continuous improvement.

the quality of your hair is no different. your hair being as strong, shiny and healthy as possible so that you have more great hair days is something that we build into every service in the salon. in the spa we want your services to produce the results that stay with you in terms of relaxation and improvements to the quality of your skin or nails.

so far over 500 clients have tried our well water remedy service, and most are repeating it on their next visit. the quality of your hair cut, your color service and even the feel of your hair is markedly improved by the simple removal of hard water and other build up on the hair.  the technology is simple, it’s based on all natural vitamin c that is formulated to break up, lift and rinse off,  the build up that leaves your hair dull, hard to manage or even brittle. for the swimmers, it’s essential to remove the chlorine as well. like many health and wellness boosters, results get better every time you get the service. Men or those with thinning hair benefit from our well water remedy in terms of scalp health, this service has my personal guarantee on it that you will feel and see the difference on each and every well water remedy service. in addition we are making a donation this fall to www.water.org (link) to help those in need of fresh, clean water.

another part of the quality improvements in the salon and spa that I am personally involved with are the amenities we offer to clients on each visit. if you have not been to our spa lately, you’ll love the sumptuous new appointments in the massage and facial treatment rooms. enjoy fresh brewed coffee, tea, lemonade or a glass of wine on your visits…and don’t forget we love your suggestions about quality too!