Adams_Insights_Picnever more welcome than this year, especially after last week’s nor’easter … our fourth round of stormy winter weather.

we can wave goodbye to all of the schedule changes, supply runs for the hunkering down, and the overall impact weather events have on us. while I am not as weather obsessed as some, the link below lists 4 weather mood personality types and it is more fun to check this than the latest forecast. i wish i was an “unfazed whatever”, but truth be told, like many of you, i am a “fair weather fan”.

spring is one of the most dynamic times of the year for us to crave new color, new haircuts, the latest beauty products and fresh looks … here’s our take on that, and some insider news …

hot off the press: mary brunetti, creative director to the adam broderick team for the last two years is now going to be bringing her expertise directly to clients in ct.

mary is known for fresh, current updates on classic styles with an eye to a slightly more edgy (or sexy!) look.

mary ‘s celebrity clients include the iconic debra messing, mariska hargitay, eva longoria, and carrie underwood. until now reservations for haircuts and styling with mary have been available at sally Hershberger salon in nyc. to find out more and reserve a haircut with mary, or a complimentary consultation, call our reservations specialists.

mary sums up spring haircare’s best tip … “think evolution not revolution … get a fresh haircut that updates your favorite look. freshly cut hair is easier to style and adds polish to your spring look and outlook.”

time to lighten up … we are tester-friendly

our boutique has testers of everything, so come in and try everything! look for lighter textures in your serums and creams, and spf in both body and face products such as eminence neroli age corrective or signature stone crop hydrating mists 125 ml … 39.50

refine your warm day-wavier curlier easy styling looks now … this usually means new styling products and some expert tips from a stylist, so you can achieve the effortless look … despite the humidity.

oribe gold lust nourishing hair oil 3.4 fl. oz. … 56.50

think lighter texture in make-up and maybe even dare to go bare … ab tinted primer is our number one selling make up product, with many clients finding they can use it in place of a foundation for every day wear. and guess what? it’s not just for women. men love the gender free application that smooths imperfections and just makes their skin look better.

why wait till it’s bathing suit time? get glowing now … our ab private sunless tanning experience moisturizes your winter skin as well as lets you customize a healthy tan to the level desired.

spring is all about color and your easiest splash of trend is a new nail polish color … while many clients save the fashion colors for their pedicure, sandal season is around the corner … and we have over 200 fresh colors to choose from. our spring pick colors are:

opi gel color “shorts story”

opi gel color “you’re such a Budapest”

opi gel color “purple palazzo pants”

nothing feels better right now than shedding winter and welcoming spring … let’s enjoy it to the max!


spring beauty Rx

ab tinted primer, 42

ab private sunless tanning single session, 35

ab keratin lite blow dry, from 125

ab 3 pack of massage, 225

ab 5 minute face make up trial, complimentary

ab classic pedicure with the latest fashion colors, 55

ab double heel peel for extra callus smoothing, 10

balayage highlights, from 100

mary brunetti haircut at adam broderick, 225