all of our spa and hair services are perfect for men and we specialize in personalizing your visit.

attends to men’s special needs with: a one hour deep tissue massage, broderick for men face treatment and haircut.

2½ hrs · 295

we’ll diagnose your skin’s condition in this thorough, customized face treatment that cleanses, tones and restores moisture to the skin.


classic manicure includes cuticle grooming, hand massage and nail buffing for a finishing shine.


when your foot fetish needs some tic, our sports pedicure is perfect for runners, skiers, walkers, gardeners and those who find foot care to be need-to-have as well as nice-to-have. our sports pedicure, featuring kneipp arnica healing, provides additional exfoliation and deep tissue foot techniques.

60 min · 75

good grooming produces a natural, masculine look to brows that enhances a good haircut.

from 28

smooth, warm stones are applied to the primary areas of muscle tension. inspires a unique and deep sense of relaxation.

75 min · 125

our deep tissue massage raises the bar and takes our pressure scale to a level 5 for those desiring the firmest techniques to alleviate tension and restore flexibility. perfect for athletes and massage connoisseurs.

60 min · 130

75 min · 155

the way to a man's heart is through his feet ... deep tissue foot massage to be precise. relax now and later. feel the benefits of improved circulation, balance and a feeling of well being.

30 min · 50

this gray blending service brings a natural, youthful look to hair, beard and sideburns.


back, brow, chest and more.

from 30