random acts of beauty kindness …

can you believe summer is already winding down and a fresh new season is beginning?  as much as i love everything about summer, i am always looking forward to the fall season.

one of the things i notice clients doing as we go into the new season is making small changes with hair color and getting serious about hair treatments and problem solution beauty options. summer can be tough on skin, hair, nails and even feet. taking things in hand to undo damage or improve the status quo just feels right in september.

one way to look at this trend is that it is about random acts of beauty kindness … mostly for yourself, but beauty makes a great gift for teens, friends, family … or anyone on your list because everyone needs and loves a little more beauty.

when random acts of kindness took hold as a catch phrase to describe doing small, unexpected things for others, it was surprising how it stuck with me … and i now know i am not the only one. there is a whole website about kindness.


it seems to me it’s a very timely concept. check out the link on the web site about the dalai lama and lady gaga’s presentation on kindness and how it can influence our world.


just as charity sometimes begins at home, taking the time to give yourself some random acts of beauty kindness fits right into september’s mind set about fashion, style and the excitement of a new season. my list of random acts of beauty kindness (to give yourself or someone else) is below, and i am sure you can add some creative ideas of your own. 

we’ve always felt that the fall Vogue, and now of course vogue.com is the premier go-to for a look at fall into holiday trends in hair, beauty and fashion.

personally, i love it when the trend ahead has already emerged, plus you can see where it is headed.  you may not have an occasion or inclination for a beaded lace metallic dress cut all the way to there, but there are so many subtle ways metallics are a new neutral. brighter, shinier highlights may be your interpretation, or a fun clutch you can use day or night.  for fall into holiday, our smokey shimmery eye make up looks may be your new go-to. you can stop by our boutiques anytime for a glimpse or lesson in how to use metallic make ups.

for fall inspiration check out victoria beckham’s personal 5 minute face … video.vogue.com/.webloc, then come see us and we will personalize a 5 minute face perfect for your lifestyle and look … and send you home with an easy reminder chart.

whether your random beauty acts are for yourself, or a small gift to delight a friend (both are highly recommended) … we hope to see a lot of you this season!


here’s my list random acts of beauty kindness for you or a lucky someone else:

a pedicure for you, or a pedicure gift certificate for someone else … summer sandals have taken  a toll and what’s nicer than an hour to sit and be pampered with your hands free for texting or reading?

amp up your skin care regime with some of the new and highly effective night repair products, we love

- environ focus hydrating serum $99

- environ c-quence cream $107

- natura bissé diamond extreme night dual treatment-diamond extreme oil $160

give or get for yourself a new facial cleansing product … fresh face, fresh season

- skinceuticals gentle cleanser $36

- clarins gentle foaming cleanser with cottonseed $26

- eminence coconut milk cleanser $37

get a new hair cut and a kérastase hair treatment to banish split ends and sun stressed hair

our personalized ab 5 minute face is always complimentary, so stop by and bring a friend for a glass of wine and a new take on easy beauty that you can live with

take a break from daily shampooing and try our new  betweener dry shampoo … adds volume and saves time. what’s kinder than that?

Treat yourself to some extra zzzzzs … sleep is a potent beauty and well being enhancer… whether it’s a late afternoon nap once in a while or a lazy morning lie-in you deserve it!

don’t forget your pooch or kitty, help us support ROAR and treat your pet to our new barker shampoo