simply beautiful

2016 is underway and i am wondering if you are like me, always glad to start a new year? like many of you, I no longer make new year’s resolutions … but it is the time of the year to think about what works, as well as what you would like to change.

so whether it is taking some advice from the de-cluttering guru marie kondo and her life-changing magic or rethinking your beauty routines to make them easier and get more results, it is a time of the year for introspection and change.  follow the below link to read the full article by marie kondo for some inspiration where you might need it the most … in your closet.

"pursue ultimate simplicity," is one of marie’s notable quotes and there are many areas of life where this resonates for me. one trend i do notice in speaking to so many clients about their lifestyle is the desire to simplify and de-clutter their beauty-style.

start with a list of the features and strengths about your beauty-style that are the strongest … examples: clear skin, good brows, thick hair, white teeth or good posture. 

then list the beauty-style areas that you would like to improve … examples: posture, thicker eyebrows, age spots on hands, versatility of your hair cut, reducing styling time or working on fine lines under the eyes.

now it is time to attack your beauty product assortment and review each item and see if it supports one of your strong areas or need-to-improve areas. if not, it may be a product to eliminate. as you go through this exercise you will probably realize that de-cluttering in this area can also be life changing. you will also notice that you have gaps, and will want to make your beauty shopping list aimed at products that enhance and maintain your strong areas as well as ones that target the areas you want to improve.

while you do this, you’ll start thinking about your services, in particular, facials, nails and hair. ss there a treatment such as keratin that would save you blow dry visits or styling time? is it time to review your color or haircut and what works along with any evolution you have in mind?

and that brings us to make up. funny as most women have a bag, cabinet or drawer stuffed with make up, but it may have been a while since you took the time for yourself to have some application techniques and a color palette shown to you by a make up specialist.

fewer products in your cabinet, but ones targeted to exactly who you are right now, will increase your frequency using them and probably increase the results you see from them. make some ‘me time’ early this year, just for yourself to do this and see if your color palette or make up choices are right for you this season.

one of the changes in the evolution of beauty products in our cabinets is the number of products that multi task or are actually hybrids that can be used for at least two different results. Using your products as fully as possible helps keep the clutter down and is very effective as a beauty-style. Here are some of our favorite ones …

use a dab of your favorite rinse out hair conditioner as a serum on the ends of your hair to fight frizzies and fly-aways.

use your facial sun block and your brightening or anti-oxidant skin serum and cream on the back of your hands whenever you apply them.

use dry shampoo not just for quick in between cleansing of the hair, but also for a fast volume boost for clean hair.

try a private ab sunless tanning session … not just to boost winter blues with some flattering color, but to moisturize your skin all over and fight dry winter itchies. BTW, a massage is excellent for this also, avoid an immediate shower after a massage at the ab spa and let that moisture soak in to your skin longer.

we all have our favorite multi task products and beauty-style tips… some of our favorites are listed below, and we would love to hear yours, if you can take the time to e mail them to us at [email protected] .

here’s to your beautiful new year!


ab betweener  (dry shampoo, volume enhancer)

clarins beauty balm (cold weather skin moisturizer, cuticle treatment )

ab serums (moisture and anti-aging benefits)

ab tinted primer (sun block and light foundation)

ab wavier curlier (moisture and curl enhancement)

ab simpler (shampoo and conditioner)