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teen skin can have special needs that are addressed through our protocols and professional products. good care can start a lifetime of healthy skin.




it's never too early to start good skincare, and our éminence teen clarity facial is more effective than ever. this purifying and balancing facial reduces irritation, leaving skin clean and refreshed.

45 min - 95

environ's advanced vitamin products and techniques will leave your skin noticeably radiant from your first treatment. a scientifically advanced micro nutrient vitamin infusion will restore hydration and improve your skin's texture and glow.

60 min - 145

environ's scientifically advanced cool peel system delivers a medical grade peel with less discomfort and better results. damaged skin cells are deeply exfoliated, allowing better absorption of essential vitamins and antioxidants, making any skincare regime more effective. excellent for hyper pigmentation to reveal a more even and healthy complexion.


for the active client, the ab sports massage incorporates stretching for range of motion and trigger point therapy, which can help healing and reduce recovery time for improved performance.

75 min - 140

this complete massage starts with you choosing your focus areas, then renders the complete relaxation that results in reduced tension and a feeling of increased well being. a better body and a better state of mind.

50 min - 72





semi permanent


complimentary makeup application with makeup purchases of


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