ever wondered why we all think a tan looks ‘healthy’ …

when we know now that excessive sun exposure is a major factor in premature aging and is implicated by the experts in causing skin cancer?

not sure we will figure that paradox out, but i love the look of tanned skin. like many of you, i know i look better with a tan and am glad we have safe, year round options to keep that sun kissed glow.

we know now that many of our skin issues go back to tanning when we were younger, before the science was convincing and we were all baking in the sun. recently i was surprised to learn a few facts about sun exposure from the skin cancer foundation and thought you might like to see them too.

skin cancers in children and teens often go undiagnosed because doctors don't think to look for skin cancer in youngsters. as opposed to adults, there are currently no set guidelines for skin examinations in children.

less than half of all teenagers use sunscreen.

the skin of teens is thought to be more vulnerable than adult skin,  and may be especially susceptible to skin cancer because their cells are dividing and changing more rapidly than those of adults.

one out of three teenagers say they tan because it looks healthy. in fact, in an AAD survey, more than 80 percent of people aged 25 and younger said they looked better with a tan.

most of us now are mindful of using sunscreen, and the protection is better than ever. however, many of us do not use enough, or reapply often enough to gain the protection on the label.

technology to the rescue as both teens and adults now have safe tanning options that are based on product improvements. all self tanning products are based on the ingredient dhiydroxyacetone….DHA is a lot easier to remember

DHA is most often obtained from sugar beets or sugar cane and was discovered to be a skin coloring agent by german scientists in the 1920s. through decades of product development we now have safe and effective ways to tan our skin.

home aerosol and non aerosol sprays can be effective to touch up our tan or give a glow to arms and legs, but let’s face it, applying them evenly all over the skin is a challenge.

with my interest in technology and beauty, it was natural for me to investigate spray tanning options that offered both privacy and a better way to have a spray tan applied.

after much research into different systems, i am convinced that the best technology out there for application of DHA based tanning products is an automated mist system that offers complete privacy. we’ve just launched the service at our southbury salon, and it is coming soon to ridgefield.

our well appointed private tanning room and easy to use automated state of the art equipment gives fantastic results in just one session in any depth of tan you choose. there’s a picture of the system above along with our menu and introductory offers below.

like everything we offer at adam broderick, your results are guaranteed …. that’s important to me and always will be.


ab private sunless tanning

sunless tanning session $35
includes skin prep, customized tan to desired level, hydrating finishing treatment and amenities

double dip tanning session $42
for a darker tan

every 6TH session complimentary

special offer for first time clients
two sessions
 $45 (a $70 value)

pura at home tanning touch up mist $25
with purchase of two sessions, regular price $30

currently available at our southbury salon