what is a pedicure at the ab nail spa

more than just a pretty polish ... while we appreciate the fashion nuance and artful detail of perfectly groomed pinkies, healthy feet are a priority to everyone. hygiene of tools and equipment is a focus as well as the smartest exfoliation which is gentle and effective. cuticle grooming follows our 'if needed' approach to nail services, respecting the integrity and health of your skin.

our pedicure chairs are designed for your comfort and the nail specialists comfort and efficiency. you will notice the cleanliness and attention to detail with your own individual foot bath mat as well as the sterilization of tools and equipment.

last but not least, our foot and lower leg massages allow you to customize the pressure level so it feels "just right".

NEW! ab CBD pedicure with soothing cannabidiol essence massaged into your skin for healthy hydration and relief of tension.


all the luxurious massage and attention to detail you expect at ab plus the skin benefits of cbd.

60 min · 89

our NEW farmhouse fresh pedicure brings you the season's best fragrances combined with natural and effective formulas. this luxe pedicure includes extended massage and the benefits of organically grown and sustainable harvested ingredients. anoint your winter dry skin with powerful antioxidants from olive and apricot kernal oils. fragrances of gingerbread and peaches add to this enhanced pedicure experience.

60 min · 79

live the luxe life with this new pedicure featuring c+c vitamin souffle mask and c+c vitamin scrub ... a heavenly fragrance experience leaving you with softer and more beautiful feet.

60 min · 89

based on the science of the sea, with skin effective laminaria and sea salt, sunflower seed oil, spirulina with essential lavender and grapefruit oils ... extended massage with stress reducing aromatherapy includes the healing comfort of natural vitamin e.

50 min · 68

featuring the ab heelpeel, this pedicure exfoliates, hydrates and grooms your feet into their best shape ever.

45 min · 58

top your classic pedicure with a wear resistant gel application that extends protection and allows immediate wearing of shoes or boots. available in a fashionable range of colors to enhance your pedicure wearability.

60 min · 71

bit of zen ... if you prefer minimum conversation during your service

choose your bliss ... complimentary scrub ... sugar bomb, pine forest or classic

dry brush lower leg exfoliation ... to start your pedicure, complimentary

hot stone massage ... complimentary

more of a good thing ... time permitting, ten extra minutes of foot and lower leg massage, 11

double heel peel ... for needy heels, 11

warm paraffin heel moisture treatment, 11

ab healing glaze for hands and feet ... our healing glaze and aroma infused healing oil treatment imparts immediate benefits to cuticles and rough dry skin with natural ingredients including aloe vera and honey, 10