when should i arrive for my spa services?
please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your first reservation. we will show you the locker room where you can change into the robe and slippers we provide. enjoy our relaxation room before or after your service. our amenities include complimentary wifi, wine, coffee, tea and infused water as well as complimentary post service makeup applications. 

should i have any concerns if i have a medical condition, such as pregnancy, recent surgeries or allergies?
if you are experiencing any medical conditions, please inform the reservations specialist or the service provider, so that we can offer you the proper services.

do i have to fully disrobe for all spa treatments?
most clients feel comfortable disrobed for spa treatments. we provide terry cloth robes and ample coverage for draping your body during facials, massage therapy, wraps and other treatments. it is most important that you relax and de-stress in a way that is best for you.