think pink and blue & pumpkin

Adams_Insights_Picnothing says fall like pumpkin spice ...

whether you order it (I don’t) or just talk about it.

another thing that heralds fall is NYC fashion week ... and this year It was fun to follow, including the catfights as well as the catwalks. some of the trends including haute denim and embellished looks. a great place to see various runway looks is catwalk italia.

denim is sure to resonate with most of us ... as we start dressing for the new season. most of us love the moody blue tones, from the faded to the indigo. it’s a universal mood lifting color and is flattering to all hair colors … blonde, brunette, auburn, and every shade in between. conversely, blue is also associated with seasonal or fluctuating mood swings. when you or someone you know or love is ‘feeling blue’, sometimes it is as simple as a need for personal pampering and downtime. a massage and facial or manicure and pedicure can be mood altering, especially during a change of seasons.

for team ab, pink always ushers in fall ... with october’s breast cancer awareness and our support of ann’s place. this year a facet we’d like to bring awareness to is the fact that men of all ages, just like women, get breast cancer too. while the male risk is much lower, it is 1 in every 833. breast cancer is supported by all things pink, but it is a blue issue too. (#pinkandbluetoo)

on a bright note, pink is a universally flattering color with perfect colors for all skin tones … a new pink hue in your lipstick or blush is an easy idea … but using a pop of pink can highlight your eyes or add shimmer to all over skin tone. the ab make up team is inspired with fall color. we are working with lori neapolitan, a nationally known make up developer, artist and trainer, who advises her clients to add a new shade to your go-to make up each season. this season‘s fun choices include shades of pumpkin, blue and pink.

fall is a fun season ... so let’s express it with color and all the traditions that make it so special ... maybe i’ll see you at the pumpkin patch!


blue eyes … use blue eyeliner on the top of the lash line, softly smudging the outside corner. ab ultimate eyeliner in shiver ... 19

pink pops as a brow bone pop of color, blending it down onto the eye lid. ab pink champagne dual highlighter ... 28

pumpkin lovers … terracotta eye shadow may just be the right amount of festive, pair it with a copper lip for a fun fall edge. rms sunset beach swift eye shadow ... 22 ab satin lipstick bourbon street ... 22.50

at the ab nail bar

classic manicure ... 23

classic pedicure ... 55

a little balayage ... from 107

c+c natura bissé facial ... 200

hot stone massage ... 125