facial spa treatments

facial treatments at the ab spa start with a detailed consultation about your expectations for today's treatment. we also include a longer range vision about what you can expect from a series of treatments. we are proud of the results of our facials and actually guarantee your happiness with each and every service. the spa works with exclusive and prestige products for maximum efficacy such as environs, natura bissé, éminence and skinceuticals. we also feature the df ionzyme treatment enhancement as well as medical grade peels. attention to detail and your comfort make a facial treatment at ab the spa experience you need, and the results you

when it is time to take it to the next level, you are in good hands. our medical grade peels are effective and your esthetician can walk you through what to expect, the post peel care and sun protection that will increase your medical peel results.

our estheticians are skin care experts and can explain and simplify your home care so that you can continue the spa glow and, in partnership with the ab spa, achieve your best skin yet.

our facials in a nutshell? the relaxing but results driven spa experience you crave.

our complete df medi-skin treatment includes an envrion rejuvenating peel which gently but deeply exfoliates skin, stimulating cellular production to reveal brighter, tighter skin and enhance the results of ionzyme technology. pairs well with any facial for a power treatment.

75 min · 257

df medi-skin technology uses both iontophoresis and sonophoresis to pass pulsed sound waves into the skin, creating deep vitamin and peptide penetration providing immediately noticeable results . this relaxing and comfortable treatment will leave you with more even skin tone, reduction in fine lines and increased firmness.

60 min · 205

our consultation includes the option for these enhancements to boost the results of any ab facial.


a luxe facial that revitalizes and stimulates skin through antioxidant technology to help minimize sun damage and signs of premature aging ... brought to you by natura bissé, the world's best spa brand 4 years in a row, and chosen by forbes magazine travel guide ... this facial has high potency, and natural vitamin c which stimulates collagen production to renew and firm skin.

60 min · 210

environ's advanced vitamin products and techniques will leave your skin noticeably radiant from your first treatment. a scientifically advanced micro nutrient vitamin infusion will restore hydration and improve skin's texture and glow.

60 min · 152

see immediate results with dr. des fernandes scientifically proven, advanced vitamin based treatments that deliver hydrating and brightening benefits. the scientifically proven treatment reverses environmentally caused free radical damage, your first step toward a better complexion and healthier skin.


environs’ scientifically advanced rejuvenating peel system delivers a medical grade peel with less discomfort and better results. damaged skin cells are deeply exfoliated, allowing better absorption of essential vitamins and antioxidants, making any skin care regime more effective. excellent for hyperpigmentation to reveal a more even and healthy complexion.


our new skinceuticals facial will provide visible results, putting the POW in power. your skin will be ready to face the world with a glow ... no downtime post treatment. this rejuvenating skin treatment includes 2 peels, features vitamin c, with salicylic and mandelic acid to even the skin tone. that is why we call it maximum power. it will brighten, firm and enhance your skin at any age. even better? 30 minutes, created for those serious about their skin care.


just 30 minutes to brighten and hydrate your skin. our environ tri-acid revival mask creates same day results you can see and feel. your express facial is finished with an application of essential vitamins and antioxidants to leave your skin nourished and protected.

30 min · 95

our expert estheticians customize your facial for maximum results. the basics of exfoliation, hydration and extraction are taken to a new level, with the purity of éminence botanical formulas and our relaxing extras to ensure you feel as good as your skin looks.

60 min · 147

it's never too early to start a good acne program, and our éminence teen clarity facial is more effective than ever. this purifying and balancing facial reduces irritation, leaving skin clean and refreshed.

45 min · 100

warm hand hydration ... cozy, penetrating warmth helps boost hydration, complimentary

lip exfoliation ... improve cellular turnover and make the most of your lips, complimentary

eyebrow tint .. deepen and enhance your brow color, 26

eyebrow design ... european hard wax and expert attention to detail, 32

spa blow dry ... reserve a spa blow dry following any spa treatment so your hair feels and looks as good as you do, 32 - 42

medical grade skin peels ... choose facial or décolleté and neck area, environ's cool touch peel triggers the release of growth factors for tighter, smoother skin, 53