new is FUN

when i decided to go into the beauty business, part of my inspiration was my love of working with women, and just how much fun the beauty business is. i loved coloring hair and keeping up with technology … being part of turning a client’s blah day to a great day was something I enjoyed … and the client’s smiles made me realize we were both having fun.

flash forward … it's 2016, and beauty is more fun than ever. technology is an even bigger part of the fun and I love seeing clients play and test products in our boutique or getting make up tips to go with their fresh hair color or style.

it’s easier than ever to educate yourself or research what is the latest and sounds perfect for you. whether you are creating a DIY beauty party at home for you and your besties, or splurging on some spa time with your daughter or husband, technology has made it all more personalized and fun. here are some of my favorite new and fun ways to explore beauty …

thinking about new hair color? before you come in to have a professional consultation download a fun (free!) app on your smart phone called hair color booth.  clilck here from your mobile device for the free hair color app:

you can upload a selfie, and play with different colors, including fun party colors, face framing highlights, or total make overs.

btw there are a lot of apps that let you try new styles and even see the difference a bright lip or dramatic eye might make to your everyday look. It’s a fun way to spend some time when you are relaxing or suffering one of the airport delays we all deal with.

have you heard about micro-channeling to improve your skin care penetration? come in for a complimentary demo, or reserve a facial service and lesson that set you up for success with the micro channeling tool and a fresh, clean hydrated face. once you see how easy it can be to get more performance from your skin care products, you won’t look back.  

next up … east meets west with one of the most innovative trends to impact skin care that we have seen. sheet masks allow you to simply cleanse your face and then apply a one piece, user friendly fabric mask on your face. the fabric is saturated with an array of prescriptive ingredients to treat and benefit your skin.

wear one when you are on the phone, when you first lie down at night or any time you want. i confess to having tried these in the privacy of my home … and they are effective and fun.

I hope to see you in the boutique soon, checking out what’s new…


new is fun at ab …

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