confession time …

don’t call me OCD, but I am definitely what you might call a neatnik. like many, i function better in a neat environment and just feel better when the car is clean and I am caught up on e-mail!

so it’s no surprise that i feel the same way about our salons and spas. it feels great to now have completed a stem-to-stern remodel at the ridgefield location.

my vision was an amenity-rich, tech-savvy space with beautiful lighting, as well as visually pleasing aspirational comfort.  we have been, and continue to be on a mission to provide high quality beauty services by in-demand stylists in an elegant, well designed setting.  commitment to your experience includes a new tablet check-in system, strategically located charging stations, high speed wi-fi, a digital video wall, and of course our complimentary amenities such as freshly brewed starbucks coffee, and wine. 

some things I am hearing from clients at ridgefield recently include:

noise reduction is significant both in the salon itself, and in the spa due to new floating flooring and the relocation of one of the high traffic hallways.

lighting is not only better, it is more accurate for co-workers and is greener with a lighter energy footprint.

the most common compliment is the comfort of 3 new shampoo lounges with reclined chaises and the sense of privacy that the salon design provides.

it’s time to celebrate! we are kicking things off with a month of special offerings just in time for the transition to fall.  you’ll find irresistible gift-with-purchase offerings, a range of product sampling along with some timely new services available right in the boutique, like our new ab boutique brow tweeze or ab brow tint service that require no reservation.

i want to personally thank our amazing staff and each client who gave gracious encouragement during the salon make over … it means a lot and helped us keep the end vision in mind during the process …