catch a wave

waves are both timeless and timely… and summer time is definitely  time to catch a wave.

whether beach, river, or lake … waves are one of the most relaxing ways to unwind and experience summer.  even a few hours on the water, or a meal at a waterside café,  it’s relaxation that is hard to beat.

sound waves are interesting also and are one explanation of how music can be both therapeutic and relaxing. below is a link to an article that I found interesting. click on the link and find out more about sound waves and why you feel music or why music can feel so good.

beauty wise, there is a lot going on with waves. we have the latest in anti aging skin care devices set up for you to demo in our boutiques … a simple explanation is sonic waves deliver stimulation to boost collagen when used on a regular basis. but that is just the beginning of the intersection of waves and beauty.

let’s face it, wavy looks with all lengths of hair are here to stay for many women. we’ve just launched a new service, modern beach wave. new technology makes processing easy and new ways to form the waves allow you to have long lasting, easy to style waves.  ask for a consultation to find out more if you want easy waves that last.

for keratin lovers that want the hair improvement that comes from infusing the hair with keratin, we now have two choices! our new techniques allow you to have a softer, wavier result or the smoother sleeker result that keratin is known for.

wavy looks are sexy and timeless, but do not have to look retro. new technology for long lasting waves, and salon take home products give a wide range of options for simple ready-to-wear hair that reduces your styling time and allows you to express your style in a variety of ways.

so, catch a wave this summer and enjoy the beautiful season!

catch a wave at ab:

bumble & bumble curl conditioning mousse

ab hair care—wavier curlier


nu face trinity facial toning device

tria age defying laser

modern beach wave