model call ... adam's teen model program awaits!

if you are ages 13 to 19 and want to try new hair styles as well as get in on the perks of being an ab model ... register now!

our stylists are professional and licensed cosmetologists, who want to practice and perfect their craft. the benefit for you is to experience quality and trendy services that are complimentary!

to register for the ab model program simply click to send an email to [email protected] with your name, birthday, telephone number, preferred location (ridgefield or southbury) and a picture of your current hairstyle, and we will contact you as services become available!

ab teen model program faqs

is it true that i can get a complimentary cut, color and style?
all qualified ab teen models can receive deeply discounted services from our staff if they are available when we need them. models must be registered in the ab teen model program.

how do i become an ab teen model?
to register, you must send an email with the following information: name, birthdate, contact information, choice of location and a current photo of your hair. all ab teen models must be open to change.

ab teen models will sometimes be alerted to model calls and sometimes be contacted to be scheduled in for a specific service, color or style that they have registered for.

please note: models current hair condition and style preference may determine that you are unable to receive the service.

how do you determine if my hair is suitable for the ab teen model program?
after registering, an ab stylist will evaluate your hair's condition, length and texture to determine if it's appropriate for our class curriculum and tools. we do our best to ensure that our stylists can practice techniques on attending models, and that models can receive a style suitable for them.

what are the perks of being an ab teen model?
- complimentary haircuts and styles
- a chance to receive some color and keratin services, subject to a $30 charge
- complimentary makeup application
- complimentary manicure lacquer change
- complimentary brow touch up
- adam broderick product testing/feedback

what is a complimentary styling session?
these sessions include: blowdry styling, ponytail, classic chignon, braids, hollywood wave and classic five minute up styles.

if i don't attend cutting sessions, can i still attend styling sessions?
yes, however, models still need to be assessed via virtual consultation and photographs.

can i just get a trim?
no, all models must be open to some change, which will be agreed upon through the ab teen model reservation process.

will all haircuts look the same?
no, we teach techniques, not haircuts. even if you're reserved for a specific haircut (like a graduated bob) it'll be tailored specifically to you.

after i register, how long will i wait for my first reservation?
the wait can vary from a few days to several months.

when will my session take place?
ab classes are typically mondays, however, we may call upon you to be a model on other weekdays, and very occasionally on the weekends.

who will be cutting my hair?
either an ab educator, stylist or intern enrolled in our advanced programs will perform your service. all stylists who attend our classes are professional, licensed stylists. these stylists attend adam broderick education for advanced training in the most current cutting, coloring and styling techniques.

for any further questions please contact us during regular business hours at 203.431.0688 x-112