you're perfect just as you are!

you’re perfect just as you are!

recently, a client told me about a new garden design show on hulu called "your garden made perfect" ...

watch trailer here

... of course, I checked it out! the show featured some amazing digital wizardry to show a time-lapse virtual make-over of small and large gardens. the technology entranced me and made me think of the past when beauty press was all about “make-overs” and “make-unders” … and how far we have to come as beauty resources meet the changing needs of our clients.

trend is now so individual … we are all evolving our beauty (or maintenance) habits, along with our definition of the way we want to look to the more satisfying aim of how we want to feel. so-called trends can be points of inspiration to help you refine your own very personal sense of style. let’s face it, beauty per se has moved on and we have entered a more comfortable era of relaxed beauty vs. passion to improve this or that about our appearance. must-do or must-try mandates are old thinking, and good riddance!

for some clients there may be reasons they come by more often for quick services like a blow dry, brow services or a manicure. but other services might be needed less often. hair color is a good example of changing trends ... a root shadow technique creates depth at the root area now commonly seen in dimensional/ highlighted or balayaged hair but can also be used in overall color or gray blending to minimizing maintenance.

you as an individual are just not a carbon copy of any trend or stereotype of your age or profession. at times, we all need trusted resources to make sure that we're using the best technology and products for our services and also taking advantage of changing techniques, products and methods. that's where we come in.

the depth of our staff for some really good feedback or ideas whether it is with skin care, home hair care, color options or just to find out about what’s new in the boutique is invaluable. and I‘m always available, to chat about what’s new or refer you to products or team members who will be perfect for you.

perfectly new to check out …

angustinus bader ... innovative and perfectly simple skin care (there is completely fragrance free shampoo and conditioner too!) … all with the rejuvenating TFC8 scientific complex. those that have tried the skin care report results in tone and texture immediately.

révive ... just the perfect pieces to augment your other skin care range and best of all, a facial roller, revolve, which is the best massage roller made from zamac (always feels cool to the skin) and designed to use for facial, neck, shoulders and décolleté contouring.  whether you said yes or no to the jade and other rollers, you will want to try this useful tool.

skinsceutical clinical skin care anchors many of our recommendations and we’ve taken the best of their power products into a new 30 minute facial that features 2 peels (mandelic and salicylic acid) and guarantees you will leave with glowing skin ready for anything ... $110

try some blue nail polish, you might be amazed at how it makes you feel.

get ryd of thym blues
midnight swim
peacock plume
bell-bottom blues
mi casa es blue casa
blue eyeshadow
angels flight to starry nights
anchor down
butler please
this blows
do you sea what i sea?
don't rain on my parade
make a splash
garden variety

ab classic manicure ... $24 ... ab gel manicure ... $40. perfect!

kérastase hair care keeps one step ahead of the curve, inventing a refillable, greener way to buy shampoo and the newest salon professional hair treatment ... fusio dose.

westman atelier's inspiration to our make-up team and color cosmetic selection … the latest is skin tint, vital skin care complexion drops that just might be the perfect choice to multi task treatment with a finished skin canvas. think about bringing in your current make up go-to’s, show us how you use them and find out how less can be more or maybe about the one go-to you are missing.

bottom line? we are here for you, so include us on your evolution to the best you, the perfect you that you already are.






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