why is my hair suddenly dry?

this winter … your usually rather normal hair suddenly feels dry. while we all know some short-term benefits can be gained from slathering on some rich conditioner and hoping it does not weigh down our hair … you might be wondering why does seasonal dryness appear now and what are some better solutions? and is your hair really dry? or is it just a textural change?  


we’ve barely begun using the heater in the car and have not really had much occasion to flatten our hair with hats and we already feel the difference.


to start with the inside air is generally heated and probably has less humidity this time of year than outside where we spent so much glorious time over the summer. next up is summer sun damage just settling in to make itself known and those two things alone can account for hair that feels lifeless and dry.


if you use a blow dryer or flat iron more in the fall and winter, that counts too as air drying can be easier on hair strands and less drying. a trifecta of reasons your hair knows that it’s december as soon as you do.


if your hair texture has changed, it may be as simple as getting used to the texture and discovering what hair care products work best to sooth, smooth or add volume to your hair.


both dry hair and hair undergoing textural change usually benefit from protective leave in styling products that provide a conditioning benefit.


if getting moisture into the hair shaft is the answer versus just coating the strands of hair with topical moisture, deep conditioning your hair after a shampoo with heat can help the absorption of moisture and be more restorative…as can shampooing less frequently.


and down at the root of the issue for those of us that are no longer 25 … your hair shafts actually show the effect of aging by holding less natural keratin within the strands. this inhibits moisture retention and makes it harder to flaunt a super healthy, shiny natural looking mane of hair.


opting for a keratin treatment of one sort or another is one of the best seasonal fixes … the restorative benefits are not just for humid weather.


natural fibers are chic, and we love them, but they may absorb more moisture from your hair than a synthetic woven material. solutions for winter-dry hair include using earmuffs versus hair covering woolen hats.


last but not least, finding a warm beach on which to park yourself this winter is always helpful especially when you use a nourishing hair oil during the day.


some hair products and services we recommend:


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olaplex treatment with color service $25

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