what's in your mind's eye for the new season?

If you’re like me, we are loath to give up even a drop of summer. but at some point we do  think ahead to fall.

as the season wanes, many of us have the perennial issues that seem to come with late summer. dry hair from chlorine or sun, wondering if skin has had too much sun exposure and of course, thinking about sweater weather … a key question is what is in your mind’s eye about the look and feel of the new season. visualizing this helps you express it … and is more likely to help you achieve it.

if healthy shiny hair is in your mind’s eye you’re going to seek out those solutions. or maybe you see yourself this fall with a chic, shorter hair cut?

to learn more about the potential of your mind’s eye, check out the below link. there is a wealth of info online about “your mind’s eye” and many believers in how using it can help things be realized or even just become clearer.

click here for more about your mind's eye

right now, most of us have a different balance of DIY and what professional services we take advantage of. self-care routines have undergone metamorphosis over the last year, and we want to be your partner in taking your DIY up a notch … as well as giving you some tips for maximizing your salon or spa services.

tips for taking your DIY and in salon & spa services up a notch …

regularity … instead of using a face mask when you notice your skin looking tired, think about a schedule … sunday morning, or before bed on another day of the week. most product or treatment use is enhanced with regularity … the results and benefits compound. The other thing that many skin care clients have commented on is kicking off your fall DIY regime with a facial that includes extractions … start with a clean canvas to get the most results. and use your time with the esthetician to ask for tips with your DIY routines.

as simple as it might seem, just like when you prep for a doctor visit, write down your questions. these might be product or styling tip questions. ideas for getting more versatility from your hair cut might be helpful. a simple tip is bringing pictures of hair styles that you love, these can leverage great discussions that give you ideas for the future or even how to make your go-to ponytail look a little more chic.  

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at ab, screen shots of styles that you like are welcomed. a picture is worth many words at times and may help you express what is in your mind’s eye better.

if you are currently enjoying spa services, plan your post treatment time when you make your reservation. 

leaving a satisfying deep tissue massage to have a hectic drive, multiple phone calls to return or a list of must-errands may not be as productive as blocking yourself out for a couple of hours post-massage to enjoy some outdoor air or quiet time and some stretching at home.

many are getting trims or haircuts more often these days, finding the cleaner edge makes styling easier.  for both men and women, it just feels better to have hair that is freshly cut. this is an area where we do not recommend DIY suggestions. and ask your stylist about a complimentary bang treatment between haircuts. just one of the perks of being a regular!

multi-task your favorite DIYs.

if you exfoliate your skin twice a month, clarify your hair at the same time. use two of your favorite face masks, one for the face and one for your décolleté or shoulders. just cut the mask to cover the areas you want to infuse with treatment benefits.

foot exfoliation at home really helps your feet stay soft between pedicures. you can use any body or face exfoliant that might be languishing in your bathroom, or mix any leftover exfoliant with sugar, salt and lotion to customize and cut down on product waste at the same time.  

in the boutiques, all of our staff can give creative DIY tips to use with the products we sell as well as the ones you already have at home, just ask for some DIY advice! by the way, personal shopper lines are available for easy contact free shopping and can make shopping a little easier right now or this fall. just call 203.431.3994 and press 2.

the reality is that while no one knows what lies ahead … staying positive, using your mind’s eye and putting some planning in to self-care habits or routines is satisfying.

here’s to endless summer before fall,

products recommendations ...  

natura bissé C C face scrub, 3.5oz., $71.50

peter thomas roth peptide 21 amino acid exfoliating peel pads, 60 pads, $53.50

eminence stone crop revitalizing body scrub, 250 ml/ 8.4 fl oz., $49.50

environ revival mask, 50ml / 1.69fl oz., $84.50

eminence tumeric energizing treatment, 60 g / 2 oz., $79.50

skinceuticals C  E ferulic serum  30 ml /1fl oz., $167.50

natura bissé facial with peel, in spa, $200 (after summer it's good to have peel to remove SPF and unclog pores.)

bumble and bumble hair clarifying sunday shampoo, 8.5 oz., $27.50

water purifying treatment build up from summer pool days, to reveal healthier hair in salon, $25

olaplex no. 8 bond intense moisture mask, 3.3 fl oz., $29.50

oribe tres set structure spray ... easy to work with, locks in looks. heat protection. light spray foam adds structure and shine, volume and versatility. long last memory and movement, can be used in dry or damp hair, from casual to coiffed looks, 10.3 oz., $47.50

the amika hair blow dryer brush is a 2-in-1 hair styling tool that combines a round hair brush and blow dryer to easily and quickly create a smooth, bouncy, salon quality blow dry at home, $85








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