what type of hair extensions are right for me?

if you have thought about getting hair extensions, you are not alone. the percentage of women that would consider hair extensions keeps growing and more women than ever are opting for boosting their own hair with some type of enhancement.

sure, fine thinning hair is a motivator for some women, but at least half of the women that wear extensions opt in for the more glamorous length or other fashion-oriented rationale. think fun colored pieces for seasonal parties or summer travels, or the length you have dreamed of but not achieved.

for those of us with ultra-fine or badly damaged hair … or even a haircut that was a very bad decision, hair extensions can bridge the gap until our natural hair can stand on its own.

clip-in ponytails are an instant gratification extension, usually worn for a party or photo op that allow you to experience a perfectly amazing ponytail (as long as your hair is long enough to gather up into a base on which to affix the hair piece). depending on your hair length and what is most flattering to your face and head you can opt for a classic low on the neck placement, a sporty look in the middle of the back of your head or a full on grecian statement ponytail on the top of your hair. adam broderick features RPZL clip-in ponytails which are considered to be among the best and many colors are stocked in house and do not need to be ordered in advance. that makes it easy to just say yes and add the ponytail to a blow dry reservation and see how a pro clips its in.

length and glamour lure many of us to covet hair extensions, but the fact is that most quality extensions made from natural hair have a hand feel, a thickness of strand and quality that is, well … just better than your own hair. to start with, hair is usually virgin (read: undamaged) when accepted for extensions and is also selected for strand thickness as well as length. the difference in the feeling of the hair is like comparing merino wool (your hair) to heavy ply cashmere (the extensions).

when it comes to real hair extensions, length is just one of the things to think about. the most popular length at adam broderick in both the nano and quikkies is the 16-inch length. you can cut some narrow ribbon to the length you are considering and affix the pieces to a bobby pin. clip it near the scalp and get a feel for how that length would work for you. for most of us we get it the second we try this … 16 inch is a glamorous yet manageable length. at adam broderick, tape in quikkies from hair dreams are available from 8 inches to 20 inches and can be cut into your perfect length.  ab stocks the most popular colors in tape-in quikkies. this enables you to decide and enjoy the same day, but most extensions in exactly the color(s) and length you want have to be ordered. the wait time can be up to a month for microline custom bonded extensions, to just a few days for nano and other tape in extensions.

tape-in are more durable than the term sounds, with up to 6 weeks of wear … and if the extensions have been cared for well, they can be re-taped 2 or 3 times to be used again when it’s time to refresh. 

90% of our hair extension clients keep them in year-round, many clients have worn them steadily without an interim period au natural for over 5 years. once you truly experience a ‘crowning glory’ of hair it’s hard to go back!

popular hair extension brands and services

hair dreams microline bonded extensions, priced upon consultation. these last 4 to 6 months, approximately 3-hour process.

hair dreams nano and quikkie tape in extensions, priced upon consultation, these last 4 to 6 weeks before reinstallation, a 2-hour process.

RPZL clip-in panel extensions, from $250
RPZL pony tails, from $100

the hair extension specialist team at adam broderick, who offer fully guaranteed happiness as well as complimentary consultations include devin and diana at the ridgefield salon and caterina and bill at the southbury salon.

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