what is a blow out?

blow out may refer to a salon blow dry service, a quick casual drying of the hair or even an event styling service. no matter what you call it, or how often you enjoy one, it’s a service that is beloved and considered a necessary luxury by many.

a quality blow dry is a combination of both art and science  … let’s break it down. first the science .

the starting canvas is freshly shampooed and impeccably clean hair and scalp. your hair professional will know if you need one or two shampoos. extended rinsing makes a big difference too. the science continues when you are asked if you would like a cool water rinse (say yes!).  cool water rinse is not only refreshing (it feels great) but it seals the scalp and hair shaft cuticle, which starts the frizz control.

if your salon does not offer a cool water final rinse, feel free to ask for one … it makes a big difference. 

the next part of a quality blow dry that lasts is after some towel drying and just a couple of minutes of ‘free drying‘ to remove excess moisture, your hair is dried with a natural bristle brush in small sections. natural bristle polishes each strand of hair as it removes moisture without excess heat distress on your tresses. as each section is dried, making sure that the heat is taken all the way to the ends of the hair so that the ends are sealed … another holy grail of frizz control.

any blow dry aficionado knows that while the science is vital, the art to the service makes all the difference. while art might sound mystical, it really boils down to the service provider’s experienced use of two factors: tension and over-direction. it sounds simple but takes plenty of practice to deliver all of this art and science into the perfect style for you and your hair.

tension is the firmness that each section is dried with … it’s like ironing each section, pulling it out firmly as the heat and natural brush polish the hair strands. “over-direction is what gives your blow dry service volume and panache. even the smoothest looks do not lie flat to the head. over-directing the hair the opposite way to the way you envision it falling creates the style that you covet," says nora huttunen, master stylist at adam broderick salon & spa, in ridgefield ,ct.

what are indicators that blow drying is damaging my hair?

smelling burning hair is a dead giveaway, as are fast and furious blow outs with metal brushes … a little slower and a little more gently goes a long way with the art and science of getting your perfect blow dry.

why does my salon blow dry turn out so much better than my home blow out?

it’s hard to have the arm length and control all around your head to blow dry medium to long hair yourself. practice makes perfect though and many women find that with the right tools and incorporating some of the art and science they can achieve results they are happy with.

why do salon blow dries last longer than your own blow dry?

the hair and scalp are cleaner and rinsed better in the salon and a cool water rinse helps control oily scalp too which can flatten and make a blow dry go south faster. leave-in product for hair shine and condition is applied more sparingly in a salon, and root lift and volumizing product is applied in a more targeted way to right where it is needed, in the lowest one to three inches of hair off the scalp.

how can I make my salon blow dry last longer?

hands off … minimizing nervous hair twisting and fiddling goes a long way to keeping hair cleaner longer as any moisturizer or dust on your hands will go right into your hair as you run your hands through your hair or nervously play with small sections.

if nights are sweaty, consider keeping bedroom temps a couple of degrees cooler, sleeping with a u shape pillow (the pillow resting on your neck not the hair). for sleep, pulling the hair around your face into a partial ponytail on top of your head (affixed with a fabric scrunchy that will not rub and break hair) will keep sides of your blow dry smoother and add some nice volume too.

many women follow a salon blow dry on day 3 with a light application of a brush out dry shampoo and find that with these tips their salon blow dry lasts much longer and keeps looking better every day.

top blow dry tools for home:

  1. absorbent towel or turban
  2. a wet brush for easily post shampoo hair de-tangling
  3. sectioning clips
  4. a quality hair dryer with a nozzle on it to direct the heat into a narrower opening
  5. a natural bristle brush without a metal center

top blow dry hair products at ab include:

  • kérastase thermique heat protection with options for all hair types
  • oribe supershine light styling cream for added moisture
  • adam broderick improver leave in treatment for infused keratin
  • colorwow dream coat humidity sealant, excellent for all hair types, with added shine




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