what do men want from a spa visit?

what do men want from a spa visit?


men’s visits to spas are increasing all the time and it’s easy to assume the attraction is the same for both men and women.

sure, for the most part, quiet time is a universal and gender free appeal … and if takes a mini escape to a quiet, soothing place and a massage to achieve that … well, that works.


more specifically however, men do have particular requests and preferences when they decide (or a loved one decides for them) that it is time to expand their spa horizons.


competency is a given for both men and women, but when men are inexperienced in some of the services they may have reserved, the service provider or therapist’s experience and aura of competency with male clients goes a long way in establishing a comfort zone.


having a choice in fragrance of products can be important also, even being able to choose no aromatherapy added to a massage or body treatment can be an appealing option for some men … hmmm maybe for some women too!


research shows that men, even more than women, want skin and body care product recommendations … provided they are straightforward, simple and the result from using the regime is clearly communicated. the day of using what the wife or girlfriend uses is history as men seek results for ‘crows-feet’ wrinkling, enlarged pores, dry skin or shaving irritation.


broderick for men face treatment

we’ll diagnose your skin’s condition in this thorough, customized face treatment that cleanses, tones and restores moisture to the skin ... $105


many of us want to zone-out during a spa service and need to know it’s ok to let the therapist know that you are there to relax and it helps you to minimize chatter. speaking up or asking for what you want is never out of bounds, so feel free to let your therapist know of your preference whether that is some quiet time or for your massage to be very firm or to avoid your ticklish feet.


it’s more and more apparent that men are frequenting spas and personal services for the same reason women do … that restorative personal time so badly needed in today’s over scheduled, hectic world, solutions to skin care concerns or body massage that allows you to set the firmness range and gives you plenty of opportunity to do that.


massage at ab

sports massage ... 75 min $140

de-stress massage ... 60 min $100

deep tissue massage ... 60 min $130

hot stone massage ... 60 min $145

deep tissue foot massage ... 30 min $50


at the ab spa, consultations are always complimentary so don’t be shy about asking if you can talk to a professional about what type of facial or hair removal is best for you. hair removal is one of the fastest growing service areas for men at spas … is waxing right for your back or chest or should you consider trimming the  close to the body? getting a recommendation before you reserve a service can be a good step for many of us.


brows and waxing

guybrows ... from $28

waxing: back, brow, chest and more ... from $30


if the men in your life have not yet tried spa services you can start gently, say a gift card for a manicure and pedicure … if they love that experience, next time go for a body massage and facial treatment. or take the bull by the horns so to speak and surprise him with massage reservations for both of you. chances are your partner will love your thoughtfulness and will return for more … for the same reasons you love to spa!


and for that special man in your life ... all you need is love this valentine's day ... for every $175 in ab gift cards you purchase, get an additional $25 gift card february 1st through february 14th.






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