thinking global and enjoying local ...

thinking global and enjoying local …

if you are like me, it’s all about extracting every drop of summer feeling that i can from busy workdays as well as my days off. appreciating the flowers and green leaves (not to mention the extra hours of daylight ) …  a blue sky, outside grilling & dining with friends … the simple things have never been more enjoyable.

setting up grooming and beauty takes less time or just taking the time for your self-care feels good too.

how long has it been since you made time for some relaxing spa services? it can be a real eye opener to find out how tense your shoulders or hamstrings are and feel the release of tension that comes with professional massage. self-care feels great and has a ripple effect to other aspects of my life.

ease up on time spent styling by thinking about a keratin treatment, we have two options, (keratin and keratin lite). infusing keratin into the hair shaft is as close to an anti-aging treatment as we have for hair because hair thins and loses keratin over time. plumping the strands back up restores a more youthful feel that translates to less frizzies and even a better pony tail.

you may have heard about our alliance with ASC, advanced specialty care at our ridgefield location. their medical providers are offering BOTOX®, fillers and micro-needling services several days a week as well as complimentary consultations.

so whether you are overdue for some injections or you just want to find out more, it’s now more convenient than ever to think about this form of self-care.

as citizens of planet earth, we are all thinking globally as we read the news but our summer pleasures will largely come from enjoying locally.

local day trips that come highly recommended are

    - a day at the spa for some summer spa days
    - a visit to the aldrich museum of contemporary art in ridgefield,     ct
    - chuang yen monastery in carmel, ny ... a great day trip to     nurture your spiritual self
    - kent falls in kent, ct (for picnic and light hiking)
    - a trip up the ct coast to mystic or to madison, ct - hammonasset beach state park (1000 acres of beach, marshland and coastal woodlawn)
    - gillette castle state park in lyme, ct
    - storm king art center (open-air museum located in new windsor, ny, containing the largest collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures in the US, located in the hudson river valley     region of ny)
    - the beacon museum ... also in the hudson river valley region of ny
    - the culinary institute of america (CIA in hyde park, ny)

other mood lifters might include extra highlights, neon accent colors or some styling advice on how to create hot beachy hair.

hydrating facials or a commitment to overnight hydrating masques or even BOTOX®, fillers or micro-needling will help you look and feel refreshed.

here’s to the simple, summer pleasures!


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