the benefits of massage

the benefits of massage


we’ve all experienced the ahhh of a great mahhhsaaage and most of us rate body massage as an experience that we are positive about. life is busy, but how many of us manage to squeeze in even a monthly massage?   maybe it’s time to think about the benefits of massage from a wellness point of view.


we’ve all heard, and probably experienced the feel-good benefits of a splurge on a stress reducing massage, creating some mental health me time for ourselves or even increased circulation post injury or workouts. but the benefits of regular massage keep building … like sticking with the yoga class, book club participation or daily walks … it just keeps getting better.


anxiety levels and quality of sleep are two issues that many of us deal with day to day, and massage has proven effective in both areas.

the link below gives a good overview of how and why … in a nutshell increasing natural serotonin and decreasing the body’s production of cortisol makes sense and can impact these, and other areas, of our well-being.


an often-over-looked benefit of massage is the impact that it can have on your posture.

posture is so key to looking and feeling your best as it can reduce or realign skeletal pressures, improve digestion and leads to well-being through a more positive outlook and physical presence. clothes fit and look better when you are practicing good posture versus slouching.


how many things this good for us feel as good as massage does?

so maybe it is just building the cost into your wellness budget and making time for it as a necessary priority vs. a luxe splurge?  for starters, a trial of ‘how is it working for me ‘ is a step  to see if you notice and feel the benefits. that is why we developed the massage 3 pack series …. 3 massages to be used on a no less than monthly basis for just $75 per massage, which is a savings of $75 over purchasing the 3 massages separately. why not buy a 3 pack and come every other week for 6 weeks and see for yourself the benefits that can be gained?


don’t forget massage as a holiday or anytime gift for someone you love. or put this on your gift list or give a hint to someone who loves you.  almost nothing says that you care like a gift of well being and mental health me time.


if you are so inclined, take our massage 3 pack as a challenge, come every other week, and then let us know what you experienced. did the  series of 3 convince you to build massage into your lifestyle?  click here to send us your feedback


we’d love to hear from you about the benefits you are gaining and what your experience is!





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