smoother sleeker beauty quest this summer

smoother sleeker beauty quest this summer …

with summer weather underway, i’ve been thinking about the quest for smoother and sleeker in beauty and how many categories of services and products are all about achieving this. the first thing that comes to mind is keratin treatments to smooth out frizz, straighten hair and make it more manageable, but there’s a lot more to the smoother and sleeker beauty quest.

let’s start at the feet and work our way up.  smoothing of callus build up on feet is in year round demand. this trend extends now to the suburban men in your life, not just the urban “metrosexual”! couples pedicuring is definitely a hot trend.  

i’ll stick in a plug for the pedicures at the ab nail bar, as our heel peel technique really works on both men and women to restore feet to a baby soft condition. and the complimentary glass of wine, coffee, tea smooths out the rough edges of your mood at the same time.

legs, bikini area and other skin are viewed by many as sexier if smooth and hair free. whether you choose to shave, wax or epilate with other methods, chances are you agree that smooth skin is more youthful and appealing. one advantage to professional waxing is that it exfoliates better than a razor, helping your moisturizers and self-tanning products absorb and work better.
and as many of you know one of the hottest trends hits men again with a smoother and less hairy back and chest. salon waxing is an option for many men. i speak from experience on this matter, and recommend trimming excess chest hair with clippers and waxing for the shoulders or back.

facial care has focused on exfoliation for quite some time. again, it’s all about smoother skin and elimination of dry, flaky outer layers. salon peels have the edge here in faster, better results, especially combined with good at home skin care and sun protection.

which brings me to the top, and the technology and products available to infuse the hair shaft with keratin. as many of you know, your hair shaft is filled with keratin and as we age the hair shaft thins meaning keratin is diminishing. keratin treatments infuse the shaft with additional keratin, which restores that youthful, healthy feel to the hair and adds shine, manageability and a smoother texture.

when keratin hair treatments were first on the market much research was done on what delivery system worked best and produced no aldehydes in the air as the hair was dried. at ab, we are committed to air quality testing, and we use a state-of-the-art odor removing filter, along with the newest and best in class product technology. it’s faster and easier than ever.
while we love curly looks and all hair textures, smoother and sleeker is a driving force in beauty and has been for generations. head to toe however, we now have the advantage of the best technology ever in waxing, facial peels, hair products and services.

here’s to a smooth and sleek summer for everyone, adam


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