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lighten up!

we made it through january, so winter will soon be in the rear-view mirror.

we escaped the pressure of “new year, new me” intentions this year ... so old think compared to self-acceptance and whatever baby steps of self-improvement feel right to us right now. the concept of self-care may be a little repetitive but still packs value if we have gratitude and appreciation for the ways we can be a little selfish and make sure that we are putting our inner self on the to do list along with family, pets, careers and the myriad of responsibilities we shoulder.

for some of us this is spa time, yoga practice or just time alone to focus on our inner self. for me it kind of boils down to just lightening up in regards to the ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ i have carried around and just feeling good about what i do accomplish and where i am headed.

is less still more? in terms of not overscheduling yourself or ‘ biting off too much,’ for me the answer is YES and it is an a experience learned and relearned.

"when you swap stress and constant stimulation for stillness & silence, what you find is you.” -- deepak chopra
speaking of lightening up, daylight savings time kicks in march 12, 2023. moving the clocks ahead brightens up our mornings. no matter where you sit on the topic of whether we keep daylight savings time or not after this change, right now I will take the lighter mornings because when added to the ever increasing hours of daylight, it really makes it feel like spring, which is hands down my favorite season of the year.

lightening up always resonates with beauty, whether it is a new vision of blending gray or aching for summer shades of blonde or finding your perfect sun protection and using it. many of us are lightening up our winter palette of neutrals with a spring pop of color or nail color ... ahead of the curve to capture the mood of spring . who says we have to wait?  we live in the era of anything that feels good to you works and i bet that we all have areas to lighten up on now that will feel fantastic. even in terms of deciding to forgive friends or family for real or imagined past transgressions lightens your load and feels as good as the gratitude we embrace.  

as always, fascination with new sparks both the beauty and our inner care world. we have so many good things ahead, some are available right now. here is a heads up on things you may be interested in … online reservations are on fire with more and more clients taking advantage of being able to make most reservations from their mobile device. rest assured, our online reservations are each individually checked to make sure that the accuracy and attention to detail that you expect with your salon or spa experience will happen.

our new! partnership with ASC medical is blooming , come meet APRN, beth porzio in ridgefield on fridays for a detailed consultation or service reservations that will answer all of your questions about how injectables or micro-needling can work for you. sometimes immediate results are just what your inner self wants.  

like all businesses that run on reservations we are striving to make sure that all reservations are confirmed … our talented and busy team of service providers appreciate punctuality and no surprises, such as no-show clients from a forgotten reservation. if you have questions about no-show or any area please do ask.  

at adam broderick your happiness with every service and product is important ... we value your feedback and aim to exceed your expectations on each visit … and i guarantee it.

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