how to care for lash extensions

you’ve made the decision and have scheduled your first-time lash extensions.  that was easy, but now you are full of questions about how to care for lash extensions. your certified lash expert will of course answer any and all of your questions, but it never hurts to do some research and sharpen your questions or be in the know before you go.

top of mind is how long will my lash extensions last? lash specialists at adam broderick salon & spa shared that your lash extensions should last up to 6 weeks depending on your natural lash shed cycle, as well as how you take care of them.

make sure you ask your certified lash expert about all the products you use including make-up, make up remover, facial cleansing products and the like. water based products work best to retain the integrity of the lash adhesive. use of oil-based products on your lash extensions needs to be minimized and used carefully. adam broderick salon & spa uses synthetic lashes for extensions and a medical grade adhesive. it is important to avoid water altogether for 24 hours after application to let the adhesive cure properly.

how to shower with eyelash extensions

HANDS OFF! pulling, picking, stroking … any kind of touching is counterproductive and will not help the longevity of your new lashes. daily brushing with a clean disposable mascara wand or spoolie should be the only manipulation or grooming that your lash extensions need. this can be done after showering and in the morning (ask for a complimentary disposable wand at the ab boutique!!!).

KEEP THEM DRY FROM HAIR PRODUCTS! how to shower with your lash extensions is something you will want to think about before your service. most of us shampoo in the shower at home. minimizing the cascade of lather and conditioning ingredients on your lashes will help your lashes last longer. even when we lean our heads back when lathering and rinsing it can be difficult to keep the lashes and face from being saturated. one option is wearing swim goggles, but if you are not a swimmer these can be hard to position, and the elastic band can be hard on your hair.  you might want to experiment with wearing a plastic sun visor. insert the arms of the visor behind your ears and position the visor right below your forehead hair line, pulling all of your hair back behind the visor. it will not keep your face completely dry, but you will deflect most of the water with lather and conditioning ingredients away from the face.

while it will not completely keep your lashes dry, it will keep the majority of the cascading rinse water off your face. think of this as insurance to protect your lash extensions and help them last longer.

how long do lash extensions last

DON’T BE ALARMED! your natural lashes shed between 5 and 10 hairs a day, generally we do not even notice or feel this natural lash turnover … the number per day that is natural for you will not change with lash extensions, but you may notice them more.

bottom line, the longevity of your lash extensions depends on your product choices, nervous habits, your shampooing strategy and your natural lash shedding. just like your hair, natural lash shedding and turnover may be different at different times of the year. this can alter your weeks between services.

get ready to bat those lashes and flaunt your new natural eye beauty!

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