behind the scenes with adam broderick: entering a beautiful new decade, by hamlet hub ridgefield

behind the scenes with adam broderick:  entering a beautiful new decade

adam broderick salon & spa is much more than an upscale salon and full-service spa - it’s a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of life, a place of both inner and outer beautification, wellness, and renewal, and a place where you will find consistency in service and experience.

it was thirty-three years ago in 1983, that adam broderick, the man behind the reputable, recognizable brand, opened his first salon on danbury road in ridgefield. over the course of three decades, broderick expanded the salon’s offerings, opened a second location in southbury, all the while honing the skills of his team of colorists, stylists, therapists, and makeup artists, and creating his own line of beauty products.

broderick has created a company culture that is built on continuous training, education, and development. the many employees who have been part of the salon team for two and three decades are a true testament to this.

as we kick off 2020, we want to bring you behind the scenes of the adam broderick salon & spa (yes, it’s all lower case) and introduce you to one of the industry's best - the mastermind, visionary, and staunch businessman, adam broderick who says, “2020 promises to be our most exciting year ever”.

wow! since your inception, you have grown tremendously: two salons, many salon services, ab products, a boutique. Was that always your vision?

my vision was that if I was going to be in the beauty business I would strive to offer the best. I think that more than anything else has contributed to our reputation and growth.

the first part of my career was as a colorist at two of the top salons on 5th avenue & 57th street in NYC. the salons were all beautifully appointed and the clientele understood and demanded great results. all of our training and quality standards were measured on achieving consistent beautiful results. that is when I fully understood that quality was an action word and claiming you're the best is very different than being the best.

i hear you have a satellite location that you use for salon practice/training. tell me about this.

i believe access is the new luxury.  with that being said, we are open 7 days a week, early and late so we needed more training space to accommodate a very ambitious training initiative. we have an education area in each of the salons and a large full-service training center across from our ridgefield salon. the company mandate is that some type of training, whether it be professional development, technical training, motivational subjects, meetings or departmentalized training for specific functions are scheduled 5 days a week.

many of your co-workers have been with you for a decade, some two and three! tell me about your company culture.

our terminology is co-worker, not an employee as our culture is anchored to teamwork. i am so proud and extremely grateful for the longevity of so many team members and clients as well. we believe that a great culture is an alchemy of setting high expectations, creating a safe, honest and positive environment that can best foster fun learning and loyalty. we demand a lot from our team and expect a lot in return.

you are always giving back to the community. what does this mean to you?

it is an absolute privilege to support the communities we serve.  we have such personal relationships with our clients and we enjoy sharing their passion to help make a difference.

will you unveil any new products or services in 2020?

2020 promises to be our most exciting year ever we have upgraded all of our technology (one of the benefits of being married to a software engineer).  hair and spa trends are evolving rapidly and our mission is to identify the best most relevant trends and incorporate them into our service menu. currently, our advanced wellness initiatives include a number of result-driven spa treatments including cryo services that help with your goals in slimming, firming, and fat reduction in targeted areas. our clients and co-workers insist that our environment and our service menu along with our POV be relevant and on-trend. identifying real trends but weeding out passing fads is a very important aspect of my work.

what life is like for the man behind the ab brand and award-winning salons?

i share my life with my husband pete who is also my business partner and the CFO of our companies, my two dogs cooper and dexter and a small group of family and friends.

thank you to adam broderick for your gift of beauty to the residents of connecticut.

we are excited to bring you regular columns from adam broderick, right here on hamlethub. stay tuned!


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