august update from adam

when you’re ready ....

if you are ready for a break from staycation, ready to get out for just a bit of ‘me-time‘ and ready to bring relief to your hunched shoulders that are telling you that you have had too much screen time this summer ... then you’ll be glad to know that the ab spa is open and featuring some of the services you want most.

first of all, ab has created a gold standard of procedures and protocols to ensure that safety and comfort are part of your salon or spa experience.

client buzz at ab ... (an elongated version of the template you created for me)
"i was thoroughly impressed by the preparations and precautions that ab has taken to protect clients and staff. it was well beyond my expectations. even with all of that they maintained the same level of relaxed services!" -- a client

here’s what’s on the spa menu for you to choose from right now ...

ab cbd massage
sports massage

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new! cryogenic fat cell elimination for body
new! cryogenic cellulite appearance reduction for body

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are your eyes ready?

when you smile with your eyes you beam good vibes and it impacts everything about your presence and the way you impact those around you. and when your eyes are treated as the focal point it makes wearing a mask feel just a little more chic.

impeccable brows feel good and for some, the splurge of eyelash extensions are coveted even more now that we are masked so often.

the eyes and forehead are not just an opportunity for women, men can get a guy-brow service and use an undereye treatment to look better and feel better also ...  

eyelash extensions
natural lash lift

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on a final note, both the ab salon, which is now full service, and our spa are open 7 days a week offering you the access to these services when you want them most.


mask weary skin is ready for ...

a rich, luxurious lip balm for dry lips ... eminence citrus lip balm ... helps improve the overall tone and texture of lips ... 0.27 oz ... $25.50

an exfoliating cleanser for skin that glows ... skinceuticals lha cleansing gel ... our best cleanser for acne prone skin ... 8 oz ... $42.50

lash care that makes a difference ... revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner & serum ...
1.0 ml ... $56
2.0 ml ... $99
3.5 oz ... $151

brow care that accentuates ... revitabrow advanced eyebrow conditioner & serum ... 3.0 ml ... $151

bright highlights so you can look like you’ve just returned from summer holiday ...
face frame highlights ... from $70



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