An Update from ab Regarding Best Practices for COVID-19

March 12, 2020

To our valued friends and clients

The health and safety of our clients and co-workers are a top priority of mine throughout the adam broderick salon & spa. Due to the current environment, most of us now have a heightened awareness of the potential of viruses to impact our day to day life. Because of this, we are reaching out to you and confirming our best practices.

First of all, we work with and follow state board and industry best practices, which include use of hospital grade sanitation and products which meet all standards. Second, we review and continue to monitor the practices and products used by our housekeeping and overnight cleaning teams to insure they are also meeting expected standards.

Of course, the first line of courtesy and protection is proper sneezing, coughing and contact practices, which we are reinforcing. Our co-workers are also being asked to wash hands immediately prior to working with each client. Upon arrival, if you would like to wash your hands, we can direct you to the closest facility to do so.

We are requiring co-workers who are not feeling well to inform us promptly so that we can adjust their schedule. Should you find yourself in a similar position prior to a reservation, please contact us and we will work to accommodate a change for you without question.

Locally, we work closely with RVNAhealth and are continuously being updated and advised by them on the practices that will benefit our clients, co-workers and workplace. RVNAhealth does so much to protect and improve our community and we are grateful for their presence and assistance.

Below are some additional resources for you.  

Best regards, Adam & Team


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