what is a pedicure?

a pedicure service is viewed by many as a luxurious, pampering spa service, by some of us as a basic grooming service, and by others a healthy necessity. 

as a luxurious, pampering service a pedicure first of all, relieves us of bending over to “do“ our own toes, which may get harder as we get older and less comfortable in a position to trim, shape and file toe nails,  one thing that makes a pedicure a favorite spa luxury is that it is convivial … we can text or read, or talk to a friend during the service or even enjoy a glass of wine while the service is performed.

as a basic grooming that many women are accustomed to on a regular basis, most feel once a month keeps feet in an attractive state and helps keep calluses under control. in fact, callus control is right up there with prettier toes as a reason why many women, and men, now consider it a basic grooming they cannot do without. sandal season has extended for many from earliest spring into fall or winter evening shoes, and sandals mean that your feet need to look the part!

many ask how to extend the benefit and good grooming of a pedicure between professional services.

one of the best ways is to gently exfoliate your feet in the shower or tub with a granular scrub product, then apply a rich balm to your slightly moist feet along with protective socks. wear the socks overnight or around the house for a few hours to reap the most benefits and keep the feet softer.

extreme callus conditions can benefit from a cream with salicylic acids, followed by a foot wrap with kitchen plastic wrap before the cozy socks. this helps the product soften the feet.

if your polish chips or wears off the ends before your next pedicure service, (swimming and other sports can contribute to this) consider a gel polish pedicure which will be longer lasting.

the health benefits of a professional pedicure are many in addition to stress relief from that pampering, and include reduction of the potential of ingrown nails and elimination of painful cracking calluses which can become inflamed.

don’t be afraid to request a pedicure without polish and ask for a longer massage if you are inclined toward the natural look or to just give your toes a time out from polish.

what should you look for and expect in a pedicure service?

you should look for a clean organized area and a pedicure bowl that has been sanitized before you sit down. jacuzzi jets cannot be internally sanitized between services so a basin without that plumbing is best. 

your nail technician should ask you about shape and length, use clippers to reduce length and a clean single use file to shape and smooth the edges of the nails. all metal implements should be removed from sterile pouches in front of you which keeps airborne germs off the sterilized and sanitized implements. 

foot exfoliation should be gentle but effective. at the adam broderick nail bar we start with a dry exfoliation before the foot soak which is the most effective way to remove the outermost callus and allows softening of the callus during the service. calluses form on the feet to protect them from the impact of an individual’s gait and use of the feet, so it’s best to be realistic and keep the feet soft but accept some slight callusing as necessary.

after the massage and expert polish application your feet will be looking and feeling their best.

some pedicure services and products we recommend:

ab lab to beauty cbd pedicure

the soothing bath soak

the better body serum

the ultra-lush body butter

the cbd massage oil

ab heel peel with citric acid

environ body derma-lac lotion with salycilic acid


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