how does it feel to be editor-in-chief? i have always believed that we are all editor-in-chief of many parts of our own lives … with that title comes responsibility and joy in owning what we accomplish and how we live in our space.

in busy lives there are always areas that defy editing … kid’s events, pets, spouse’s hobby things and the upcoming busy calendar of holidays to name a few.

there is much that we can edit and just like marie kondo, I can attest to the great feeling of purging items that i do not use, as well as purchasing items that i really want to use. marie’s newest book, how to organize your space and achieve your ideal life will be inspiring to many of us.

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and for the editor-in-chief it’s a lot more than just the space that helps us achieve the flow and pace of life that feels the best … editing your schedule and making opportunities to have the time to do what you want to do by easing out of commitments that really do not resonate for you is one slant. perhaps a yoga workout at home is more to your current needs vs. a trip to the studio … editing the travel time may lead to more satisfaction and enjoyment.

it's always good to think about short term goals as well as longer term, and sometimes a decision for now can be right even though it may not be your long term decision.

another is editing and simplifying your wellness and beauty life so that it really works for you versus you working for it. one example is the twice a year keratin treatment that allows you to drop most blow drying and styling. another might be adjusting your color so that the grow out is fashionable and easy.

what’s in your bag?

start with the make-up bag. when i asked some of our co-workers to show me their make-up. many of them reported or showed me items they never. and some of the items were a few years old. what do you really use? what do you really need to carry around with you? these questions usually result in an immediate reduction of half the items … which opens up the conversation with yourself about what you really need right now.

according to alison nowak, adam broderick make up specialist , “many women are looking for the perfect new foundation, which is really not a foundation at all.  tinted primer is all some clients need. or tinted primer with a drop of foundation mixed on the back of your hand is the type of alternative to old think foundation that is something you will want to apply daily to ever so slightly blur (read: not hide) imperfections and keep your face protected.“

or leave it to gucci westman of westman atelier to come out with the lightest skin perfecting complexion drops that are perfect for right now. whether this is really part of a new level of self-acceptance or just how we want to look now … it feels good to edit that make up bag and go into fall with just what we want. new feels good and a faster, healthier routine fits perfectly.  

you have probably heard about augustinus bader’s ultra-prestige skin care and maybe even have a friend that attests to the results they see when using it. we are thrilled to be offering this in the ab boutique now … while the line is simple and the products enhance other favorites you will still be using, the science behind augustinus bader is there. stop by and ask us about TFC8 and how it heals the skin… or read about professor augustinus bader ...
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there is a reason why these products have won 92 awards in the last few years.

back to our editor-in-chief duties … instead of fretting over the to do’s … think bigger picture and how good it will feel to take charge of really the only thing that is in your total control, and that is yourself! we all change and continually evolve, and knowing when it’s time to move on from interests that have waned, or things that we more literally have outgrown can be part of mental health with many positive benefits.

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