building a skin care routine

some say knowledge is power, and some say a little knowledge goes a long way. skincare the last couple of years has followed that line of thought as some of us are empowered and using more steps in our regimes than ever, and some of us have retreated into uber-simplicity due to confusion and info overload … resulting in fewer steps in our routines.

the best skin care routine

how many steps does an effective skincare routine include? this depends on your skin type, condition and what your goals are.

the following regime steps are essential for even the simplest routines.

clean canvas always. to get maximum results from your successive skincare steps, a clean canvas is step 1 so that the products can actually be absorbed and layered in a beneficial way. skin cleansers can usually be a matter of preference … some of us like foaming gels, some like oil-based cleansers. unless a bar soap is formulated for facial skincare its best to avoid straight soap, as the alkalinity can alter the skins mantle and ability to heal itself. skincare cleansers are more acid pH.

since we are talking skincare, not just facial skincare, using a better cleanser all over the body vs. alkaline soaps is a good idea too.

after cleansing your skin and gently patting it almost dry, you are ready to apply nutrients to benefit your specific skin type. many of us get overwhelmed when trying to remember what goes on first. Here is an easy way to get it right. the thinner consistency products go on first, and successively thicker up to your thickest textured product. this means that nutritive sprays and mists are usually first on your barely damp skin, and If you wear foundation consider that a thicker texture and therefore it goes on last after nutrients. these products are also wonderful for adding moisture throughout the day and kind of reactivating your skincare regime. and they feel fantastic too! by the time you spritz mid-day you are ready for more sun protection too, so follow a spritzing with another protective application.

nutrients that you may be applying are vitamin c based, hyaluronic acid based or vitamin a based. sun protection products are generally thicker and go on last. moisturizer is thicker than acids and nutrients, so it is generally going to be almost last as well.

your skincare regimen

does my regime need to be from all one brand? this is a frequently asked question and while there can be synergy from a couple of products in any one brand it is not necessary to stay within one brand in your skin care regime.

remember skin care should be fun, trying new products easy to incorporate into your regime. just think clean canvas and thin to thicker and you will have the perfect skincare routine down to a fine art.

recommended regime steps and suggested products include:

  • obagi foaming facial skin cleanser
  • environ pre-oil cleanser
  • natura bissé vitamin splash
  • skinceuticals metacell renewal
  • environ youth essentia serum
  • coola classic organic face sunscreen spf50
  • eminence stone crop body scrub
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