FAQs about our temporary closure

when will you be opening and when will you start taking reservations?
we have recently been informed by the state Governor that salons & barbershops will be permitted to reopen june 1st. currently we are reorganizing our team and once we have schedules established we will start taking reservations. we will let you know when our reservations phone lines are opened. please also check our home page for updates or reach out to info@adambroderick.com for further inquiries.

can I purchase a gift card to use when you reopen?
gift cards are always available for purchase on our website 24/7. If you select a delivery method which requires shipping, just know that it may take a couple of days before we can send it out, even express. electronic gift cards are always delivered immediately, of course.

click here to buy a gift card now

I have a gift card that I was planning to use on my pending reservation. will it still be valid when you reopen?
our purchased gift cards do not expire. our charity/donation gift cards have a 3 month expiration date, however, we will waive that date and add to the time you have to use it once we reopen.

do you offer curbside delivery of products?
we do not offer curbside delivery, however, we are able to ship products to your home. just email us at info@adambroderick.com or call us at 203.431.3994 and leave a message. we are able to ship products twice per week.