massage gift card

a full description of all massage gift card services is at the bottom of this page. gift cards delivered via email include a link to a beautiful, printable gift card. for in-person gifting, just email to yourself and print.
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de-stress massage

our signature massage balances both mind and body with rhythmic, swedish technique that is customized for your comfort and needs. customize your experience with pressure point levels 1 to 3 for the perfect de-stressing massage.

60 min $105 | 75 min $126 | 90 min $147

deep tissue massage

our deep tissue massage raises the bar and takes our pressure scale to a level 5 for those desiring the firmest techniques to alleviate tension and restore flexibility. perfect for athletes and massage connoisseurs.

60 min $137 | 75 min $163 | 90 min $189

hot stone massage

enjoy the earthy embrace of a full body hot stone massage which will dissolve muscle tension, improve circulation, release toxins and provide you with an overall sense of relaxation and warmth.

75 min $152