facial gift cards

a full description of all facial gift card services is at the bottom of this page. gift cards delivered via email include a link to a beautiful, printable gift card. for in-person gifting, just email to yourself and print.
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ionzyme df medi-skin treatment with environ cool peel

our complete df medi-skin treatment includes an environ cool peel which gently but deeply exfoliates skin, stimulating cellular production to reveal brighter, tighter skin and enhance the results of ionzyme technology.

75 min $257 plus tax

c c natura bissé facial

a luxe facial that revitalizes and stimulates skin through antioxidant technology to help minimize sun damage and signs of premature aging. high potency, natural vitamin c stimulates collagen production to renew and firm skin.

60 min $210 plus tax

environ vitamin facial therapy

environ's advanced vitamin products and techniques will leave skin noticeably radiant from your first treatment. a scientifically advanced micro nutrient vitamin infusion will restore hydration and improve skin's texture and glow.

60 min $152 plus tax

éminence botanical facial therapy

our expert estheticians customize your facial for maximum results. the basics of exfoliation, hydration and extraction are taken to a new level, with the purity of éminence botanical formulas and our relaxing extras to ensure you feel as good as your skin looks.

60 min $147 plus tax

éminence teen clarity facial

it's never too early to start a good acne program, and our éminence teen clarity facial is more effective than ever. this purifying and balancing facial reduces irritation, leaving skin clean and refreshed.

45 min $100 plus tax