iv drips infuse your body with essential nutrients and amino acids that go beyond what drinking water or other oral solutions can achieve. 

whether you are preparing for an event, recovering from an event or situation that has left you exhausted, the benefits and results are easily achieved with our spa wellness drip therapy choices. 

your service includes our medi-spa staff assuring your comfort, answering questions and allowing you to relax while beneficial hydration and therapy is infused. meet beth porzio, APRN, specializing in botox®, fillers, micro-needling and drip infusions!

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life can leave you dehydrated and this boost amps up hydration for a multitude of benefits and provides an energy boost. ingredients include: glutamine, l-ornithone, l-arginine, l-lysine, l-citrulline, b vitamins including b3, b2, b5.

60 min · 250

support concerns and improve healthy conditions impacting your outer beauty while enhancing inner beauty with hydration and nutrients. ingredients include: vitamin c, biotin, olympia vitacomplex-thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, b5

45 min · 325

add immunity boost before or after travel, during or after illness, or in periods of stress. ingredients include: vitamin c, zinc, olympia vitacomplex-thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, b5

45 min · 350

because your body may have enchanced needs before or after athletic events or during training, postpartum, post-op or cosmetic procedures. ingredients include: amino acids blend, vitamin c, b complex, mineral blend and b6

45 min · 375




add to any drip to support chronic conditions with an extra boost of this important amino acid by adding extra to your drip

· 40

add to any drip for most noticeable energy boost as well as the synergy that additional b12 can bring to overall health

· 40


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