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may 24, 2016

texture is buzzier than ever in fashion, hair and makeup ...

this started me thinking about texture in a broader context and i took some time to think about what texture means in life.

some of the words that come to mind for me are actually synonyms for texture … balance, sense, nature, quality and flexibility.

the idea of a well-textured life resonates with most of us, which must reflect why texture is driving so much fun in the fashion and beauty world.

for me, texture in life is enjoying the diversity of my friends and the balance of my life in new york city and connecticut.

in hair, texture is key for having the diversity of options that work with your lifestyle. being able to wear your hair wavy or straight, or having looks you feel good about that require no styling. there have never been more options for controlling or creating texture in your hair; some of those are listed at the bottom. keratin is actually now used to produce gorgeous semi-permanent waves in your hair, or the smooth straight texture that is ever popular.

the term permanent wave evokes an image of days gone by, but now the technology has evolved and we have gorgeous results with our modern beach wave service.

the array of texture in the fashion photos from the met gala is just fantastic, if you have not seen them, take a look or look again

i loved the high tech fabric in a natural flesh tone that beyoncé wore, and the mix of metallic, lace, bright color really showcased that today it is all about texture. also worth mentioning is the texture of no pants, ripped jeans, short dresses and long gowns that were worn … almost like anything goes … and it worked.

accessories are an easy way to add texture to your personal style. bright colored fun jewelry, scarves … rose gold or silver for just the right touch of metallic.

make up uses texture in new ways now too, and just a touch of them can update your look without screaming “fashion victim”… new lipstick technology coming soon to ab make up … lip toxyl x3 attracts moisture to the lips for a plumper texture without the stinging sensation of lip plumpers you may have tried in the past. just a flick of metallic shadow under the eye with ab baked split shadow in ardor is a quick update.

why not celebrate the texture in our lives and appreciate the differences in each other… as well as use new technology to bring a little bit more texture, flexibility and balance into our beauty life?

feel the texture …

lip toxyl x3 lip plumper $22

ab baked split shadow in ardor $25

kérastase l’incroyable blowdry $40

keratin modern beach wave $300 to $325

jenny bird edie hoops $65

ab betweener $29

april 19, 2016

celebrate all the mothers in your life ...

like you, there’s more than one mother in my universe, and mother’s day gives me an opportunity to think about all of them, as well as memories of my own mom.

to start with, as a large employer in the area, a very high percentage of our co-workers are not just female, but many of them are mothers. i love seeing their kids when they stop by the salon with them, and I have seen many of them grow from infants to teens through the years.

we honor mother’s day at the salons with lunch for the all the co-workers, and of course it’s a busy day with many moms being treated by their families or just splurging on a fresh new hair style or color before meeting their families for brunch or dinner.

personally, i take a moment to make sure i thank my sister, and my nephew’s wife who is mother to 2 young ones, and now of course, my mother and sister in laws.

that brings me to what i think mothers really want on their special day, and it’s not anything material. the gift that brings the most satisfaction is the gift of time, and more specifically, a meal with the family, just sitting around the table laughing, talking and hearing the family stories one more time.

when i think back on mother’s day with my mom, these are the memories that are the most poignant. our tradition now is to cook for some of the mothers in our lives. enjoying friends and family at the table celebrating the bountiful spring season, is as good as it gets for all of us.

of course, we all like to surprise mom with a little something … so she can spend some time just for herself.

Our extra way to say thanks mom! $25 reward with every $175 gift card purchase april 24 through may 8, 2016

let her choose from luxe spa treatments like natura bissé facials, color gel manicures, ab private sunless tanning, fresh new hair color and style.

march 9, 2016

new is fun

when i decided to go into the beauty business, part of my inspiration was my love of working with women, and just how much fun the beauty business is. i loved coloring hair and keeping up with technology … being part of turning a client’s blah day to a great day was something I enjoyed … and the client’s smiles made me realize we were both having fun.

flash forward … it's 2016, and beauty is more fun than ever. technology is an even bigger part of the fun and I love seeing clients play and test products in our boutique or getting make up tips to go with their fresh hair color or style.

it’s easier than ever to educate yourself or research what is the latest and sounds perfect for you. whether you are creating a DIY beauty party at home for you and your besties, or splurging on some spa time with your daughter or husband, technology has made it all more personalized and fun. here are some of my favorite new and fun ways to explore beauty …

thinking about new hair color? before you come in to have a professional consultation download a fun (free!) app on your smart phone called hair color booth. clilck here from your mobile device for the free hair color app:

you can upload a selfie, and play with different colors, including fun party colors, face framing highlights, or total make overs.

btw there are a lot of apps that let you try new styles and even see the difference a bright lip or dramatic eye might make to your everyday look. It’s a fun way to spend some time when you are relaxing or suffering one of the airport delays we all deal with.

hair extensions … (yes there’s an app for that too!) ... have become a lot more versatile and affordable. we are just launching rpzl pony tail and clip in panel extensions … the highest quality virgin remy hair with shades to match your hair in stock in both of our boutiques … surprisingly user friendly. click here for rpzl selfie app:

have you heard about micro-channeling to improve your skin care penetration? come in for a complimentary demo, or reserve a facial service and lesson that set you up for success with the micro channeling tool and a fresh, clean hydrated face. once you see how easy it can be to get more performance from your skin care products, you won’t look back.

next up … east meets west with one of the most innovative trends to impact skin care that we have seen. sheet masks allow you to simply cleanse your face and then apply a one piece, user friendly fabric mask on your face. the fabric is saturated with an array of prescriptive ingredients to treat and benefit your skin.

wear one when you are on the phone, when you first lie down at night or any time you want. i confess to having tried these in the privacy of my home … and they are effective and fun.

I hope to see you in the boutique soon, checking out what’s new…

new is fun at ab …

rpzl hair extensions

lash extensions

micro-channel roller tools

an amazing selection of sheet masks for every skin

facial fitness in the palm of your hand with (coming soon … nu face, tria and pao facial fitness)

body renewal treatment

k masks for hair by kérastase

ab makeup palettes

ab private sunless tanning

january 26, 2016

simply beautiful

2016 is underway and i am wondering if you are like me, always glad to start a new year? like many of you, I no longer make new year’s resolutions … but it is the time of the year to think about what works, as well as what you would like to change.

so whether it is taking some advice from the de-cluttering guru marie kondo and her life-changing magic or rethinking your beauty routines to make them easier and get more results, it is a time of the year for introspection and change. follow the below link to read the full article by marie kondo for some inspiration where you might need it the most … in your closet.

"pursue ultimate simplicity," is one of marie’s notable quotes and there are many areas of life where this resonates for me. one trend i do notice in speaking to so many clients about their lifestyle is the desire to simplify and de-clutter their beauty-style.

start with a list of the features and strengths about your beauty-style that are the strongest … examples: clear skin, good brows, thick hair, white teeth or good posture.

then list the beauty-style areas that you would like to improve … examples: posture, thicker eyebrows, age spots on hands, versatility of your hair cut, reducing styling time or working on fine lines under the eyes.

now it is time to attack your beauty product assortment and review each item and see if it supports one of your strong areas or need-to-improve areas. if not, it may be a product to eliminate. as you go through this exercise you will probably realize that de-cluttering in this area can also be life changing. you will also notice that you have gaps, and will want to make your beauty shopping list aimed at products that enhance and maintain your strong areas as well as ones that target the areas you want to improve. while you do this, you’ll start thinking about your services, in particular, facials, nails and hair. ss there a treatment such as keratin that would save you blow dry visits or styling time? is it time to review your color or haircut and what works along with any evolution you have in mind?

and that brings us to make up. funny as most women have a bag, cabinet or drawer stuffed with make up, but it may have been a while since you took the time for yourself to have some application techniques and a color palette shown to you by a make up specialist.

fewer products in your cabinet, but ones targeted to exactly who you are right now, will increase your frequency using them and probably increase the results you see from them. make some ‘me time’ early this year, just for yourself to do this and see if your color palette or make up choices are right for you this season.

one of the changes in the evolution of beauty products in our cabinets is the number of products that multi task or are actually hybrids that can be used for at least two different results. Using your products as fully as possible helps keep the clutter down and is very effective as a beauty-style. Here are some of our favorite ones …

use a dab of your favorite rinse out hair conditioner as a serum on the ends of your hair to fight frizzies and fly-aways.

use your facial sun block and your brightening or anti-oxidant skin serum and cream on the back of your hands whenever you apply them.

use dry shampoo not just for quick in between cleansing of the hair, but also for a fast volume boost for clean hair.

try a private ab sunless tanning session … not just to boost winter blues with some flattering color, but to moisturize your skin all over and fight dry winter itchies. BTW, a massage is excellent for this also, avoid an immediate shower after a massage at the ab spa and let that moisture soak in to your skin longer.

we all have our favorite multi task products and beauty-style tips… some of our favorites are listed below, and we would love to hear yours, if you can take the time to e mail them to us at .

here's to your beautiful new year!

ab betweener (dry shampoo, volume enhancer)

clarins beauty balm (cold weather skin moisturizer)

ab serums (moisture and anti-aging benefits)

ab tinted primer (sun block and light foundation)

ab wavier curlier (moisture and curl enhancement)

ab simpler (shampoo and conditioner)

october 7, 2015

confession time …

don’t call me OCD, but I am definitely what you might call a neatnik. like many, i function better in a neat environment and just feel better when the car is clean and I am caught up on e-mail! so it’s no surprise that i feel the same way about our salons and spas. it feels great to now have completed a stem-to-stern remodel at the ridgefield location.

my vision was an amenity-rich, tech-savvy space with beautiful lighting, as well as visually pleasing aspirational comfort. we have been, and continue to be on a mission to provide high quality beauty services by in-demand stylists in an elegant, well designed setting. commitment to your experience includes a new tablet check-in system, strategically located charging stations, high speed wi-fi, a digital video wall, and of course our complimentary amenities such as freshly brewed starbucks coffee, and wine.

some things I am hearing from clients at ridgefield recently include: noise reduction is significant both in the salon itself, and in the spa due to new floating flooring and the relocation of one of the high traffic hallways.

lighting is not only better, it is more accurate for co-workers and is greener with a lighter energy footprint.

the most common compliment is the comfort of 3 new shampoo lounges with reclined chaises and the sense of privacy that the salon design provides.

it’s time to celebrate! we are kicking things off with a month of special offerings just in time for the transition to fall. you’ll find irresistible gift-with-purchase offerings, a range of product sampling along with some timely new services available right in the boutique, like our new ab boutique brow tweeze or ab brow tint service that require no reservation.

i want to personally thank our amazing staff and each client who gave gracious encouragement during the salon make over … it means a lot and helped us keep the end vision in mind during the process …

ab boutique brow tweeze, $18 (reservation not required)

june 2, 2015

you've come a long way baby …

for once, i am not speaking to the women ... i am talking to the guys and the guys in your life. men’s grooming has come a long way since the term metro sexual was coined. now we hear about manscaping our brows, guybrows to frame our face and 5 minute street-smart hair.

there’s a lot of noise out there about men’s grooming and men’s products, and that’s because we are interested and most men spend a little more time on grooming than our dads did.

grooming rituals for men and women are largely about looking and feeling our best, at any age, and being comfortable in our own skin. in some cases those rituals are based on wanting to look more youthful and healthier. one example is teeth whitening. teeth without stains look younger and give an appearance that is more healthful and vibrant. true for both men and women. teeth whitening products or treatments have boomed in the last 15 years, and now many of us consider them part of our “ necessary maintenance”

many of the grooming rituals that men discuss at the gym are definitely gender free, but some are not. waxing the back and chest…aka manscaping is something that women rarely have to deal with. many men with very hairy torsos find that they are more comfortable removing some of the excess hair. it is now a service performed in the spa often. at home options are just like women use, razors or depilatory products.

today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and many guys feel that blending gray hair and daily skin care boost their confidence in the workplace, something women discovered long ago.

gender free grooming habits include the occasional facial , use of brighteners to help combat age related blotching on the face, and good moisturizers to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. and let’s not forget sunblock ... men and women’s best anti–aging habit.

it ‘s really about being comfortable in your own skin ... and exercising is part of that for most of us. one of the most common benefits of exercise is mental ... not just heart health. Exercise increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress and promotes a more optimistic outlook on life.

optimism in outlook is now credited with many health benefits, according to

actual life span, blood pressure…even susceptibility to viral infections. Check out this link for more information on how optimism is measured and some of the long term study benefits that are now being quantified.

just in time for father’s day we’ve got the hottest west coast men’s trend … baxter of california gift sets. for great men’s grooming tips, check out their website:

what makes men and women look good, also makes them feel good … being comfortable in your own skin, basic grooming habits and an optimistic attitude and outlook … happy looks good on everybody.

make your guy smile with a baxter of california gift set or …

kiehl’s energizing facial fuel spf 15: • a vitamin-enriched and energizing non-oily facial moisturizer • 4.2 oz $36

kiehl’s ultimate brushless shave cream - blue eagle an unscented shave cream formulated with aloe for sensitive skin • 8 oz --$17

bumble grooming cream 5 oz $31 not so perfect, lived in texture really can come easily with this styling moisturizer, which gives natural separation, subtle hold, and a soft, smooth low-glow satin finish.

ab holder: 3.5 oz $28 • a texturizing pomade that lets you put control and shine at your finger tips

ab better body clinic … three gifts are better than one … three months of massage, a one hour luxe spa treatment each month for three months … this father’s day’s best value for just $225

april 28, 2015

seeking the simpler life …

i love the idea of simplifying just about everything in my life. do you? schedules, routines, regimes … as well as clutter of all kinds.

i like simple menus, easy summer days with no agenda and spending more quality time with friends and family. when it comes to beauty, clients frequently ask me about how to simplify beauty routines and regimes. i am also in a position to listen to many women tell me what is working for them and this usually includes multi-performance products that reduce the number of products you need. essentials such as a haircut that looks great without, or with, a blow dry or time consuming styling are key.

men and women love multi-performance products that can replace several others. two-in-one, even three-in-one products are here to stay. here is one of the more creative ones that I have heard, use a dab of hair conditioner as a shaving gel in the shower. one less product to clutter the shower and some added moisture to the legs.

this time of year when thoughts turn to a summer glow, many women find that using facial self tanner on a regular basis allows them to use a lighter foundation or tinted moisturizer. and speaking of tans, the 5 minutes it takes to have a private sunless tanning session with our new state of the art system, available at both the ridgefield and southbury salon & spa gives days of glow and helps minimize imperfections.

we all make it though the day multi-tasking one way or another… but there is a point where focus and quality beat quantity on what gets accomplished. when i find myself going over the edge in trying to do too many things at once, i realize quality is lost. slowing down and doing fewer things better is part of simplifying life.

“speed is the modern, natural high,” says psychiatrist edward hallowell, MD, director of the hallowell center for cognitive and emotional health in Sudbury, ma. but he insists that true multitasking is a myth. we may feel we’re doing two -- or more -- things at once, but it’s an illusion. instead, we’re quickly switching our focus back and forth. that’s because the cerebral cortex can pay attention to only one thing at a time,” says hallowell. “what people really do is shift their attention from one task to the next in rapid succession. that reduces the quality of the work on any one task, because you’re ignoring it for milliseconds at a time.”

the best advice i ever received is one i share now with clients all the time … to keep it simple and just forget about your least favorite skill, personality trait or image issue, and focus on your strongest qualities. invest some time in basics, and minimize some of the time you spend multi-tasking to opt for more quality. beauty wise, don't scrimp on the services and products that give you daily freedom, but look for your own beauty shortcuts to free your own personal style … that’s an easy way to a beautifully happy simpler life!

adams favorite multi-performance products

1. oribe root touch up concealer works as a dry shampoo, texturizer and has uv protection

2. nars multiple blush use dry for sheer coverage or wet for more vibrant color

3. pure blends shampoos cleanse hair and adds a boost of color

4. ab tinted primer spf 20, hydrates skin, and performs as a light foundation

march 31, 2015

beauty sleep

are you like me, wondering if an increased urge to sleep during those last days of winter has any benefit? i have not exactly been hibernating ... life is just too busy for that, but the long nights and chilly temperatures definitely have me prioritizing sleep. the term beauty sleep comes to mind, because let’s face it, all of us look and feel better when we are well rested.

"your skin, and your whole body, go into repair mode when you sleep," says doris j. day, who wrote the book forget the facelift. while you sleep, your skin renews itself. new skin cells grow and replace older cells. "it's repairing and restoring and rebalancing," day says.

here is a link that is interesting to me: here’s some of what I found interesting … and it certainly reduced my guilt about pull the covers up and hitting the snooze button.

”you need good sleep for your whole body, not just your skin. chronic sleep problems are linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.”

“deep sleep is accompanied by an increased secretion of growth hormones necessary for repairing and rebuilding body tissues like muscle and bone.” 

“activity in parts of the brain that control emotions, decision-making processes, and social interactions is drastically reduced during deep sleep, suggesting that this type of sleep may help people maintain optimal emotional and social functioning while they are awake.“

skin care products have come a long way since your mother’s era, but even then, cleansing the skin and a slathering of ‘night cream’ was the habit of most women from all walks of life. today, products are tested for efficacy. There are documented results and most of us do follow suit with an application of serum or cream at night before our beauty sleep. interestingly, some cosmetic products are susceptible to sunlight and you consequently get more out of them if you use them before bed. antioxidants such as vitamins C and E will stay active on your skin longer if you apply them at night.

many clients find that overnight hair masques keep hair hydrated between salon treatments. we hear rave reviews for the conditioning benefits of oribe gold lust oil being used on the hair overnight. while I like to think that I am “banking“ sleep at times, the body does not store the benefit. more hours than you need are not stored and don't help your mental and physical recovery later in the week when you get shortchanged on sleep. so forget the guilt about your urge to sleep, and aim for 7 to 9 hours as often as your schedule will permit!

beauty sleep cannot be bottled and sold … that goes without saying, but i’ve listed some products below that are perfect for enhancing your beauty sleep.

oribe gold lust oil … 1.7 oz. $38, 3.4 oz. $50

ab serums … restorer, luminizer, improver, $89 each

environs hydrating facial oil capsules … $91

october 28, 2014

hair color

as many of you know, my career started as a hair colorist in a fifth avenue, NYC salon. because of this, my entire career has been based on the foundation of being a service provider and not losing touch with my roots as a colorist.

it’s amazing how important technology is in the beauty business. at adam broderick, we work hard to stay on top of developments and be in the forefront of bringing worthy technology to our clients. some of the technology, includes our tablet check in or chair side reservations.

recently an innovative additive to our salon hair color came to market and after testing the product we are now offering it to clients who wish to add it to their color service. it’s called olaplex.

hair color services are a fact of life for many of us. even some of the most natural and beautiful shades of gray benefit from salon toning or brightening. we all want our hair color to be natural looking and healthy, but some of us have had concerns from time to time about damage, especially with processes to lighten the hair.

olaplex is a technologically driven game changer for reversing and minimizing damage from hair color. olaplex’s development story is interesting.

two of the world’s leading PHD’s in materials and chemistry that had never worked on hair products before, dr. eric pressly and dr. craig hawker were challenged with relooking at the issue of damage to hair from coloring. with a fresh outlook, this dream team invented a single ingredient chemistry, that is free of silicone or oils, that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. it may all sound like mumbo jumbo, but check out what top colorists are saying about olaplex all over social media. better yet, talk to our hairstylists and colorists about it.

personally and professionally, and i imagine many of you might agree with me, new technology has improved so many parts of our lives. and while we all might wish to look a little younger, few of us would really want to go back in time!

that takes me to one of the most frequent questions I am asked about hair color. clients are always interested in knowing my opinion on their current color and if it is the most flattering shade for them. the most natural hair color is within a few shades of your current uncolored hair and should also change with the seasons. in the summer, when you may be more tanned (or for those of us that use sunless tanning to keep a year round tan) your hair color will look more natural with warmer nuances, and in the winter cooler tones or accents may be more flattering. think softer, not always lighter.

right now as we head into fall, it’s a great time to think about tweaking your hair color formula. for those of you who really want to go a little lighter but want to make sure their hair is healthy and strong … we’ve got your olaplex!

august 20, 2014

ever wonder why we think a tan looks 'healthy'...

... when we know now that excessive sun exposure is a major factor in premature aging and is implicated by the experts in causing skin cancer?

not sure we will figure that paradox out, but i love the look of tanned skin. like many of you, i know i look better with a tan and am glad we have safe, year round options to keep that sun kissed glow.

we know now that many of our skin issues go back to tanning when we were younger, before the science was convincing and we were all baking in the sun. recently i was surprised to learn a few facts about sun exposure from the skin cancer foundation and thought you might like to see them too.

skin cancers in children and teens often go undiagnosed because doctors don't think to look for skin cancer in youngsters. as opposed to adults, there are currently no set guidelines for skin examinations in children.

less than half of all teenagers use sunscreen.

the skin of teens is thought to be more vulnerable than adult skin, and may be especially susceptible to skin cancer because their cells are dividing and changing more rapidly than those of adults.

one out of three teenagers say they tan because it looks healthy. in fact, in an AAD survey, more than 80 percent of people aged 25 and younger said they looked better with a tan.

most of us now are mindful of using sunscreen, and the protection is better than ever. however, many of us do not use enough, or reapply often enough to gain the protection on the label.

technology to the rescue as both teens and adults now have safe tanning options that are based on product improvements. all self tanning products are based on the ingredient dhiydroxyacetone….DHA is a lot easier to remember.

DHA is most often obtained from sugar beets or sugar cane and was discovered to be a skin coloring agent by german scientists in the 1920s. through decades of product development we now have safe and effective ways to tan our skin.

home aerosol and non aerosol sprays can be effective to touch up our tan or give a glow to arms and legs, but let’s face it, applying them evenly all over the skin is a challenge.

with my interest in technology and beauty, it was natural for me to investigate spray tanning options that offered both privacy and a better way to have a spray tan applied.

after much research into different systems, i am convinced that the best technology out there for application of DHA based tanning products is an automated mist system that offers complete privacy. we’ve just launched the service at our southbury salon, and it is coming soon to ridgefield.

our well appointed private tanning room and easy to use automated state of the art equipment gives fantastic results in just one session in any depth of tan you choose. there’s a picture of the system above along with our menu and introductory offers below.

like everything we offer at adam broderick, your results are guaranteed … that’s important to me and always will be.

july 22, 2014

there is nothing like the simple pleasures of summer in connecticut. it is one of the most relaxed times of the year in our lifestyles and beauty and health routines. in the summer we are aware of quality in the simplest things … the freshest ear of corn you can find, outdoor time with the family, or finding the perfect pair of sandals.

as usual one of the things on my mind is quality. it’s my main function to monitor, measure and achieve quality. and as many of you know, we strive for continuous improvement. the quality of your hair is no different. your hair being as strong, shiny and healthy as possible so that you have more great hair days is something that we build into every service in the salon. in the spa we want your services to produce the results that stay with you in terms of relaxation and improvements to the quality of your skin or nails.

so far over 500 clients have tried our well water remedy service, and most are repeating it on their next visit. the quality of your hair cut, your color service and even the feel of your hair is markedly improved by the simple removal of hard water and other build up on the hair. the technology is simple. it’s based on all natural vitamin c that is formulated to break up, lift and rinse off the build up that leaves your hair dull, hard to manage or even brittle. for the swimmers, it’s essential to remove the chlorine as well. like many health and wellness boosters, results get better every time you get the service. men or those with thinning hair benefit from our well water remedy in terms of scalp health. this service has my personal guarantee on it that you will feel and see the difference on each and every well water remedy service. in addition we are making a donation this fall to to help those in need of fresh, clean water.

another part of the quality improvements in the salon and spa that i am personally involved with are the amenities we offer to clients on each visit. if you have not been to our spa lately, you’ll love the sumptuous new appointments in the massage and facial treatment rooms. enjoy fresh brewed coffee, tea, lemonade or a glass of wine on your visits … and don’t forget we love your suggestions about quality too.

june 19, 2014

smoother sleeker beauty quest

lately i’ve been thinking about the quest for smoother and sleeker in beauty and how many categories of services and products are all about achieving this. the first thing that comes to mind are keratin treatments to smooth out frizz, straighten hair and make it more manageable, but there’s a lot more to the smoother and sleeker beauty quest.

let’s start at the feet and work our way up. smoothing of callus build up on feet is in year round demand. this trend extends now to the suburban men in your life, not just the urban “metrosexual”! couples pedicuring is definitely a hot trend.

i’ll stick in a plug for the pedicures at the ab nail bar. as our heel peel technique really works on both men and women to restore feet to a baby soft condition, and the complimentary glass of wine smooths out the rough edges of your mood at the same time.

legs, bikini area and other skin are viewed by many as sexier if smooth and hair free. whether you choose to shave, wax or epilate with other methods, chances are you agree that smooth skin is more youthful and appealing. one advantage to professional waxing is that it exfoliates better than a razor, helping your moisturizers and self-tanning products absorb and work better.

and as many of you know, one of the hottest trends hits men again with a smoother and less hairy back and chest. salon waxing is an option for many men. I speak from experience on this matter, and recommend trimming excess chest hair with clippers and waxing for the shoulders and back.

facial care has focused on exfoliation for quite some time. again, it’s all about smoother skin and elimination of dry, flakey outer layers. salon peels have the edge here in faster, better results, especially combined with good at home skin care and sun protection.

which brings me to the top, and the technology and products available to infuse the hair shaft with keratin. as many of you know, your hair shaft is filled with keratin and as we age, the hair shaft thins meaning keratin is diminishing. keratin treatments infuse the shaft with additional keratin, which restores that youthful, healthy feel to the hair and adds shine, manageability and a smoother texture.

when keratin hair treatments were first on the market much research was done on what delivery system worked best and produced no aldehydes in the air as the hair was dried. at ab, we are committed to air quality testing, and we use a state of the art odor removing filter, along with the newest and best in class product technology. it’s faster and easier than ever.

while we love curly looks and all hair textures, smoother and sleeker is a driving force in beauty and has been for generations. head to toe however, we now have the advantage of the best technology ever in waxing, facial peels, hair products and services.

here’s to a smooth and sleek summer for everyone.

ps: i even named my best selling hybrid hair product after this trend. ab smoother sleeker is one of our best selling leave in treatments. regular price, $26. just mention you read my blog when you check out for a special price of $20.

may 13, 2014

what can be germier than kid's hands after a trip to the playground? ... you might be shocked to hear that it is possibly your own makeup bag! recently some interesting guidance came my way on this topic and based on the reaction of our ab makeup specialists, we felt it is information you would appreciate.

eye health … in addition to eating your carrots and wearing sun glasses to protect your eye health, your eye makeup can transmit germs and infection. eyeliner should be replaced every 3 months. eyeliner pencils as often as every 6 months … don’t forget to sharpen pencils every time to create a clean area for application. Eye shadow can last 2 to 3 years if kept cool and dry. cream or liquid shadows can last for 12 months before becoming compromised. mascara … once opened should be used within 3 months. airborne bacterial contamination can occur in the cleanest of homes, not to mention other places where you apply your makeup.

face it … clean skin deserves clean makeup. all makeup powders have an after opening shelf life of 2 to 3 years unless subjected to extreme heat or unsanitary applicators. so clean and replace your sponges and applicators often to extend the viability of your makeup powders. foundation and concealer should be fine for 6 to 24 months … once the product is open use it up or replace it ever 6 to 12 months. look for color change and smell your product to make sure it is clean enough for your skin.

pucker up and smile … and keep smiling by never keeping a lip gloss more than a year, no matter how much you like it. let’s face it, if you loved it you would have used it up! lip liner, like eyeliner should be sharpened before every use and replaced about every 6 months. this all speaks to less being more, an important beauty axiom. after all, carrying around makeup you no longer use, or should not use, is just plain excessive. keep it simple, clean and on trend by stopping in for a 5 minute application or consultation more often. and remember, every woman looks better with just a touch of makeup! and less truly is more.

april 22, 2014

ab well water remedy

take it off, all off... once in a while i stumble on some information that is game changing for clients of my salon. recently, some facts about the very high percentage of clients in the areas surrounding both the ridgefield and southbury salons that use well water or other ground water sources and have a high hard mineral content came to my attention.

while there are many good things about a natural water source. for hair care there are some implications … as well as an easy solution. hard mineral builds up on the hair causing natural color or salon hair color to look less vibrant and shiny. in addition to this, the residual mineral build up results in less movement and hair that is harder to style.

what if i told you that you could effectively remove this hard mineral build up at your salon visits? the good news is that you can, and i think you will be astonished at the difference in your hair after you try it. we've just finished testing and have launched an all natural, vitamin c based well water remedy, priced at $20. many clients realize for the first time, it's not that their hair is hard to manage, but just that they were not managing the mineral build up on their hair.

in fact, i am so convinced that you will see immediate results at the salon and at home as you style your hair between visits that we guarantee it. you can reserve our well water remedy when you make your reservation or just ask at your next visit and experience the difference that hard mineral removal can make to your hair…after all, your hair is the one accessory that you can't be without, right?.